What Is Web Designing?

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Web Designing – Definition:

Web Design can be defined as creating websites. The important aspects of the process in web designing are – layout, contents and graphical design. Web development is a word which is often used in place of web designing sometimes, the latter refers to a subset of the web development. Web development is considered as a whole package whereas web designing mostly focuses on the design aspect.

Websites are generally created using markup languages such as HTML (HyperText Markup Language) which makes up the content and the metadata for each page. The appearance and layout of the page are defined by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Hence, almost all the websites on the internet make use of HTML with the combination of CSS to create beautifully designed web pages.

Process Of Designing A Website:

There are two main ways in which a webpage can be designed:

  • Manually coded from scratch – When a client requests for a customized website, the developer mostly chooses this method. It uses a combination of HTML, CSS to develop a website. Further, when a website is to be made responsive Bootstrap is used. Bootstrap allows the website to adjust itself to different screen sizes. JavaScript and other languages can be used to make the website dynamic.
  • Developing web pages by using tools – For a quick development of websites, developers use tools like Adobe Dreamweaver which helps in the creation of pages using pre-defined tools and layouts. WordPress is another important tool to create websites.

Elements Of Web Design:

Some of the most important elements which should be taken care while designing a website are:

  • Layout: The way the content is aligned, texts are arranged ads are placed. This is the important part which pleases the viewers and helps them find what they are looking for easily and quickly.
  • Colour: The color combination pleases the viewers and sometimes it helps in promoting their business too. It can be as simple as black and white or multi-colored depending on the choice of the designer.
  • Graphics: It includes the logos, photos, and icons which enhances the web design. They should be placed appropriately to make the websites user-friendly. It also includes maintaining the color and content combination so that the viewers can read it properly without many difficulties.
  • Fonts: The font style and size should be used appropriately so that it will be convenient for the users. Most of the web browsers can only read a set of fonts which are known as “web-safe fonts”. The designers should make sure to use these fonts so no text is dropped in some browsers.
  • Content: Above all the elements, this element stands at the top. Great content can help increase the indexing in Google which will increase the number of visitors. Content and Design go hand in hand as good content requires good designing too. Content should be Search Engine Optimized and the keywords should be used accordingly.

How To Create A User-Friendly Design?

Besides all the important and basic elements of a web design, making the website user-friendly is the key aspect towards making the website successful. User-friendly design can be made by keeping in mind the following factors:

  • Navigation: The menu and navigation tools should be created based on how users browse and search. The goal should be to ease the movement of users in the site.
  • Compatibility: The website should function well on all the operating systems and browsers.
  • Multimedia: Relevant images, audios, and videos are important which helps the users to grasp the information and understand them in a quick and easy way.
  • Technology: Advancement in the technology lets the designers make websites which looks professional and are dynamic.
  • Interactive: A website can be made interactive by adding feedback forms, comment boxes and taking their opinions through polls. It increases the participation of users on the website.

Mistakes Made While Designing Websites:

The basic mistakes which a web designer should keep in mind and avoid making them are:

  • The website should be compatible with all the browsers. It should not be a browser specific as it may lead to loss of viewers. Moreover, the mobile design should be friendly hence the websites should be responsive.
  • Sometimes, viewers find it annoying when some sound or video starts automatically. Only the audios and videos which can be pleasing to the users should be made to autostart.
  • The navigation menu should be visible and should not be hidden or show up on hover effect.
  • The website should be 100% flash content.

Keeping in mind, all these points we hope you become a successful web designer and design amazing websites in future!




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