What Is A Web Page?

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Web Page – Definition:

A Web Page can be defined as a document in the World Wide Web (WWW) which is uniquely identified with a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). It is commonly written on HTML (HyperText Markup Language) or XHTML (Extended HTML) which is accessible through the internet using a Web browser (also called a Web Client).  Most of the web pages contain hyperlinks through which the user can navigate through different web pages.

Web pages are generally stored at a remote location, probably a web server. Whenever a user requests a particular web page, DNS finds the corresponding IP address and fetches the page from the web server using HTTP back to the browser. The browser then displays the web page with the text, images, and other contents.

How To Access A Web Page:

The basic requirement of accessing a web page is a web browser (also known as a web client). A web browser is a simple application which displays the web pages to the users. A user can use any of the web browsers available such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and so on. When a URL is entered in the address bar like “http://www.google.com”, the browser renders it in the following steps:

  • The browser converts the URL into corresponding IP address using DNS.
  • If the URL is not known, we can use Search Engine to locate the page we are searching for.
  • Then, the web browser communicates with the web server which contains all the web pages. The web pages for that particular IP address is fetched and returned to the web browser.
  • Finally, the browser displays the web page requested by the user using the HTTP connection.

History Of Web Page:

The origin of Web pages started in the 90s. The first ever Web Pages was created by Tim Berners-Lee at CERN on August 6, 1991. The first ever web page was launched at http://info.cern.ch/. You can browse about the birth of the web, the first web page and so on.

Difference Between Web Page And A Website:

Common mistake people make while naming is they confuse between a website and a web page. A website is a collection of one or more web pages. For example, http://www.webpothi.com is a website and http://www.webpothi.com/what-is-a-web-page is a web page.

Web Pages are always the last part of the URL. In the above example, “what-is-a-web-page” is the Web Page and “www.webpothi.com” is the website. Every website is loaded at the default “index.html” Web Page.

Components Of A Web Page:

Every Web Pages are present on the internet are different from each other but they contain some elements which are common to every Web Page. Here’s a list of the elements which you can find commonly on every Web Page:

  • Every Web Pages either has the website name or the logo on the top-left corner. Many websites also include a slogan line and it is considered a good practice to do so.
  • A simple search bar which the user can use to browse through the website using specific keywords. It is situated either at the top-right corner or somewhere in the right column.
  • A Menu or Navigation Bar is typically present below the name/logo or in the left column. It gives a description of different types of content present on the website.
  • To generate revenue for the server cost or other expenses, every Web Page typically contains advertisements through which they generate the revenue.
  • Share link buttons which allow the users to share the Web Page on different Social Media Platforms.
  • Remaining body section differs from website to website as it can be a blog or a company website.
  • In the footer section, important details regarding the company’s location and the copyright notice are present. It also indicates the user that they have reached the end of the Web Pages.

What Does A User Do On A Web Page?

A Web Pages are simply a collection of the data which a user is searching for. It displays the data which is stored on the web server on the browser. They contain texts, audio, video and many more things which are displayed to the user. More the data a Web Page contains, more the time it takes for loading them. Most of the Web Pages contains one or more hyperlinks which can be followed by the user to get relevant information.




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