Use of Technology to stop Corruption

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Technology is increasing at a very high speed. We hear every day about the innovations of new technologies and inventions of new things which are helpful to everybody and which are also efficient. Corruption is also rising at a high speed in various country and it is the problem of not one nation but all the nations in the world. Everywhere there is corruption from schools to universities and every one from clerk to a person at a high post accepts bribe and appreciate corruption. The politics plays important role here. Politics starts right from monitor or leader of class to the minister of the country. It is the big journey with lots of stones and thrones but the ones who passes it by bearing all such things will become a good leader while the person who uses someone’s power or money to pass such steps will be a corrupt leader.

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Progress of our government is slow because of slow decision making, less standards and no protocols. If government takes steps or process to stop the corruption and develop the nation then there will be nothing like corruption which will be left. Central Vigilance Comission (CVC) which is set up by government is a right step towards the stopping of corruption. Consider if a person is greater than 60yrs than his/her pension should automatically be transferred to his/her a/c. As Post office, banks etc. have been computerized so it there will be no middleman and the money is directly handed over to the people. Rajiv Gandhi once told that the government gives 1rs to the people but till it is received to people it becomes 0.15paise. So can now calculate how big the corruption would rise in traditional way. Digital India is an initiative taken by Narendra Modi led NDA government. IN this scheme they want to connect all the villages and rural and urban areas digitally so that everything can be done through computers. If any problems arise within the people then they can be solved directly.

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Police department’s problems can be solved too using technology. As many criminals are not charged or cases are not solved even within 4-5 years of their filing how small or big the accused may be. There are many delays in high profile cases and small cases too. Simplification of rules should be there. There are major and minor punishments which distinguishes the cases which are severe or not severe. Disciplinary inquiry should also be done. Work are very complex so the filing takes many times so they can be computerized. There should be no fear in the mind of the victim or police persons, but a culture should be followed in the police station or they should think always that we would not take any money today.The cases filed will be seen by their seniors so they will have a fear that they should complete all cases else there can be a problem and pressure from senior officials. E-governance is a best way to reduce corruption and there will be no human intervention. Even CVC can use IT for various purposes.

So Science and Technology is very much useful in business world as well as for the government. If you have any suggestions regarding the use of Technology to stop corruption then feel free to comment below. Share your thoughts on this article and let others know what you think about it. Share your views if you have any unique idea. The commenting is as easy as chatting on whatsapp so write the feedback below and click the button. Hope you liked the article.




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