UK’s first strike on ISIS in Iraq

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UK started reacting on Islamic state after the voting of lawmakers there for 524-43. UK send its two Air craft Tornado fighter to drop bombs on Islamic militants in Iraq. After so many issues took place in Syria and Iraq and many countries involved trying to destroy ISIS militants UK was quiet with it. After some days they took vote and then after majority agreed upon it the Ministry of Defense (MoD) that Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) attacked the Islamic state.


After the attack of UK, the militant tried to kill the hostages of UK in Iraq. They made videos of killing hostages and showed them publicly. The also killed one of the driver named Alan Henning’s and now the Prime Minister of UK i.e. David Cameron told to give them a great response on that killing. They joined the mission with US-led combat to complete the mission and make sure that there does not remain any of the militants who try to break the peace of the world. The ISIS militants also beheaded many of the US hostages and it is a challenge to the globe to stop them because it has now killed the people of the eastern countries and tomorrow it could come to the whole world.

See the below pics how the jihadis or ISIS militants killed US and UK hostages:






Let’s pray for the people who were killed and make sure there will not be any more killing and the US-UK force will clear all the militants and show them that we would not let go the terrors attack our people.




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