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The Union of European Football Associations is the managerial body for organization soccer in Europe and branch of Asia. It is a part of six continental unions of globe football’s central body FIFA. UEFA consists of 54 nationwide union associates.

UEFA symbolizes the nationwide soccer associations of Europe. It runs state and club contests counting the UEFA European Championship, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and UEFA Super Cup. It also manages the reward money, rules, and media privileges to those contests.

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Until 1959 the major headquarters were situated in Paris, and afterward in Bern. UEFA headquarters moved to Nyon, Switzerland in 1995. At that time, the General Secretary was Henri Delaunay and the President was Ebbe Schwartz. At present, The president is Michel Platini.

UEFA was established on 15 June 1954 in Basel, Switzerland following discussion among the Italian, French, and Belgian links. Originally, the European football union has 25 members which figure twined by the untimely 1990s. UEFA association agrees for the nearly all element with gratitude as a ruler country in Europe, even though there some exemptions. A few micro states are not associates. Some UEFA associates are not ruler position, but shape element of a superior familiar ruler position in the perspective of international rule. Examples consists of England and Scotland, or the Faroe Islands, though in the perspective of these countries government purposes concerning game lean to be approved at the defensive stage coterminous with the UEFA associate body. A number of UEFA associates are transcontinental states like Turkey and Russia. Numerous Asian countries were also getting into the European football connection, mainly Israel and Kazakhstan, which had been associates of the Asian football connection. Moreover some UEFA associate links let teams from exterior their association’s major country to take part in their “home” contest. Monaco, for instance, takes part in the French League, though it’s a divide ruler entity; Welsh clubs CardiffCity and SwanseaCity take part in the English League; Berwick Rangers, located in England, participate in the Scottish Professional Football League and DerryCity, located in Northern Ireland, participate in the Republic of Ireland-based League of Ireland.

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The major contest for men’s nationwide teams is the UEFA European Football Championship, ongoing in 1958, with the primary finals in 1960, and recognized as the European Nations Cup until 1964. It is described UEFA or the EURO as well. UEFA also controls nationwide contests at Under-21, Under-19 and Under-17 stages. For women’s nationwide teams, UEFA runs the UEFA Women’s Championship for older nationwide sides and Women’s Under-19 and Women’s Under-17 Championships.

UEFA also prearranged the UEFA-CAF Meridian Cup with CAF for youth squads. It was for giving effort to improve early life soccer. UEFA started the UEFA Regions’ Cup, for semi-professional squads on behalf of their home region, in 1999.

The Italian, German, Spanish and French men’s nationwide squads are the only squads to have succeeded the European football championship in every category.

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