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There are numerous sports that played throughout the globe like soccer, Cricket, Hockey etc. These are outside games that need massive house to play. There are many alternative stadiums wherever these games contend and a few of them are globally famous due to its name, location, attraction, quality or distinctive features in it.

If you have not visited these sports stadium than have a glance at high five illustrious stadium throughout the globe for various games: –

1. Wembley Stadium:-

It is situated in Wembley, London. It is the home ground of England Football team. It is world famous stadium which was built in 1923 later on it was re constructed and now the look of the stadium is eye-catching. It is world class venue for many big events such as sports, music etc. It is best at its audience capacity which is why it is famous.

Capacity: 90,000 people.


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2. Marcana Stadium:-

Marcana stadium officially known as Estadio Jornalista Mario Filho. This stadium is in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is Football stadium. In 1950 2, 00,000 people came to watch the Foot Ball world cup. It is an open-air stadium and it was constructed from August 1948 to June 1950. It is largest iconic stadium in Brazil.

Capacity: 78,838 people


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3. Melbourne Cricket Ground:-

                Melbourne Cricket Ground is an Australian sports stadium located in Melbourne, Australia. It is one of the oldest and famous ground in the world. It has hosted many events and shows for over one hundred years. It is one of the biggest sporting stadium where cricket, football and other games are played. 1956 Olympic was held at this ground.

Capacity: 1, 00,000 people

Melbourne Cricket Ground

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4. Eastadio Alberto J Armando:-

The Eastadio Alberto J Armando is the stadium located in La Boca district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has unique shape. 1 side flat stand and 3 steep stand round the rest of the stadium. It is also known as chocolate box.

Capacity: 60, 000 people


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5. Camp Nou:-

                It is the football stadium located in Barcelona, Spain. It was inaugurated on 24th September 1957. It is the largest football stadium in Europe’s history.

Capacity: 1, 00,000 people.


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