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Year 2014 has come to an end and 2015 will begin. Throughout the year there were many inventions being done by the various scientists and other peoples. Various technologies were being invented which made the tasks of the people easy with minimum energy usage and less manpower. Some inventions were related to Science as well. Top 25 innovations were listed by the Times Magazine of which we took top 10 innovations from them.

1. Hendo Hoverboard:

Hendo hoverboard is a type of skate board. It is invented by California based tech firm. The firm is Hendo which built the same thing which was a fictional part of the Back to the Future Part-II of 1989. Jill and Greg Henderson are the founder of this firm

The hoverboard fly’s an inch above the ground and also over conductive metal like copper or aluminum. It uses magnetic technology to fly above the ground. It can be helpful in various ways. Its battery life is about 15 minutes only but the technology is revolutionary which can help to increase it. This firm raised $450,000 through kickstarter. You can pre book the skate board if you want by visiting The price of it is $10,000 only.

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2. Wireless Electricity:

We have come across various wireless technologies related to Internet and Mobile Phones. These technologies are very useful and it changed whole world in terms of technology and have shown the power of humans. Now you will hear something related to wireless technology but not any of them which were already invented. It’s a Wireless Electricity.

You would be thinking how it is possible?

This was made possible because of the idea of Alex Gruzen who wanted to develop such technology which is wireless and it can produce electricity. Witricity is the firm behind this and the CEO is Alex. It uses plug-in coil to generate magnetic field which will use to power the objects up to 8ft. i.e. 2.4m. This was successfully tested in Toyota electric car, in Intel PC’s and many more devices. The CEO of Witricity Alex says that within 10years there would be only 1 central charging base in a room and other all the devices will run on its own using this technology. You could not think of such ideas but these company has done a big thing in the technology world.

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3. Coolest Cooler:

Coolers have been used from many years to keep food safe and stores water and drinks. They were used when people go to picnic and helps in many other ways. This cooler is same as what all other cooler does but it has additional functionalities which makes this cooler a best one.

This cooler gives an exact example of technology world that people cannot leave without. The purpose of the cooler is to store food and drinks but Ryan Grepper wanted something more out of it. He wanted to have music system, trolley, USB charger, blender, LED light, Bluetooth speaker etc. so whenever people go out to party they don’t have to carry all these things. You can have all these things at a single place. Can you believe this? You can order one if you want from and you can also see some of the images and videos which will give you the correct picture of the coolest cooler. The price of this item is just $399.

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4. Selfie stick:

Taking selfie pictures became popular in 2013 and in 2014 there were millions of selfie pictures shared on the social networking sites. Many smartphones were made for taking best selfie. The quality of front camera was revised with higher resolution and greater pixels so that best selfie can be taken.

So because of such selfie craze many tech firms started to make a stick which holds the cellphone so that we can take the picture at the angle which we want. The stick comes of around 1 ft. big so we can easily take selfie pictures on our cellphone with different positions and angles. Have you got such an idea?

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5. Ringly Ring:

Women keep their phones in their purse or handbags because not all women wear jeans. These woman have to take out the mobile phone after some time to see whether there is any call, message or mail which can be important. What if you have something tiny thing with you which will inform you about any recent activities on the cell phone? You can use the smart watches which are available with high functionalities like attending call or replying friend through messages which your phone does but taking a smart watch would be too costly.

Christina Mercando came up with a concept of ring which rings as soon as any message, call or mail arrives on your cellphone. So you may not take care every now and then about the phone calls and messages. Christina was a former product and design manager at ebay. She faced such problems while travelling so she developed such product. She manufactured 1000 pieces at initial which got sold out within 24 hours when she started his first selling in June. If you want one then you can order it from The price of this product is $195 only.

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6. Ebola Virus;

All of you would have heard about Ebola and if not than you are not aware of what is going around the world. Ebola is a deadly virus which killed thousands of people and it spreaded throughout the world. Many big scientist and doctors worked for the vaccination of this virus but not all succeeded. There were huge amount of donations given for making the vaccines of this virus from worldwide and all the countries stood in hand to fight for it.

Ebola virus was spreading at a high speed and most dangerous was it damages the whole immune system. So a Homopurifier was developed by Aethlon Medical which helps to suck the virus of ebola from our body. This purifier was attached to the dialysis machine and then used. Though this was just used once in Germany it is said that it will be helpful in curing many more diseases.

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7. BMW’s Electric Car:

There are various electric cars in the market and various manufacturers are making such car because its cost is less as compared to other petrol/diesel cars. As per the facts the electric cars are slow and gives less average. This cars don’t have additional functionality and we cannot even use the car if it is out of charge.

So, BMW i3 was manufactured by one of the giant car manufacturer BMW which is an electric car but it has extra features which makes it more comfortable to buy. This car can run up to 113 to 177 km on single battery charge and if battery is out of charge there is gas motor which can recharge the battery within a short time and you can keep going on as a gas motored vehicle. The design of the car is like it have a single pedal to accelerate and brake which gives efficient driving to the people. This car is available at all BMW dealership nationwide.

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8. The prison room:

In prison basically the prisoners are only allowed to stay there between white walls. All the prisons basically are common. What if a prisoner wants to change his mind and live a good life without any crime? There are various psychological criteria’s used for such prison. So an institution started to study the criminal mind when we change their room into a motivational level. They studied that when the room is colored with blue and if they are shown some videos of desert, lake, and many other natural thing product etc. then there is certain change in mind of the prisoner. Let’s see how useful it would be.

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9. The seamless sign signature translator

What if you are a deaf and you cannot speak anything but you talk in terms of various signs and actions which enables a normal person to understand about what you are trying to explain. Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand the signs and actions of the deaf people.

Ryan Hait- Campbell CEO of motionSavvy one of deaf realized the need of anything which could translate their signs into human understandable form. So he developed a tablet Uni which has a motion senser which senses the actions and has a voice recognition to translate sign language to spoken words and spoken words to text in real time. There are many people who understands the problem of another people but there are less persons who develops something for them. So work on your dream there are many people who will need what you develop and many people who will help you in every ways. You can order one by clicking this link and the price is just $198.

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10. Wrappers you can eat

You would have ate many ice-creams, chocolate etc. what if you wanted a toffee with special functionality of eating or reusing the wrapper. The manufacture did a fantastic performance by developing such chocolates in which you can also eat the wrapper at first bite. It contains various ice creams and chocolates, fruits etc. which will help give you a good taste. The price of this chocolate is $4 only for a pack of 2.

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Hope you liked such innovation and inventions made by various people across the world. Stay tuned for next article.




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