Stunning revelation of “The Conjuring 2”

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The Conjuring 2 concentrates on an utmost famous historical story of supernatural energy – The Enfield Poltergeist directed  by  James Wan. The story portrays, of a young girl who believed to be possessed by a demon of a dead man named Bill Wilkins inside her London home.

Here stand some  flashes of The conjuring 2 which are very interesting to know.

It all started in a charming little home in Enfield, London, in 1977 when Peggy Hodgson, a single mother of four children heard loud  strange noises coming from her daughter’s bedroom. Her both daughter who is Margaret and Janet of 12 and 11 years respectively were moving for a nap. When Peggy entered the room, she found both of them crouched in a corner with terrible facial expression instead of tiredness.

She shows the chest of  drawers is coming in the direction of a door by any invisible force and found it utterly frightful. And when she insisted on trying and pushing back against the furniture, it wouldn’t move.


 After some unfamiliar issues in the house, the Hodgson family moved to neighbors for asking advice. When Vic the neighbor went into the house to examine, he too said that he caught some strange noises coming from around the home. The Hodgson called the police, and even though one officer commanded to have noticed a chair movement clear across the room with supernatural force, they understood that it was not a police matter and direct Mr. Hodgson to take help from such person who deals with spiritual powers all day and night.

During the 18-month span, a number of additional paranormal researchers visited the house – including famed demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren, but when researchers take a visit, the house behaves normally so it is difficult to catch the devil.


I know you all are anxious to know what happen further but you will get more entertainment by attending this movie. So for whom you are waiting for, Go and grab your sits now in your favorite theater.




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