Story of the Controversial Documentary Film: India’s Daughter

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India’s Daughter is a documentary film directed, produced and written by Leslee Udwin who is a British filmmaker and also British Oscar winner. This documentary is based on Delhi Gang Rape which took place on 16th December’2012. Film is based on the victim Nirbhaya who was 23yr old physiotherapy student who was raped and murdered by 6 culprits when she and one of her friend were going home after watching “Life of pi” movie. This documentary film depicts whole incident. This incident was covered widely by media and it also took a high public protest and criticized the government of not providing the security for women.

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Leslee Udwin made this film because she wanted to show the world how the convict feels after committing such crime. While we asked on selecting India as a country and not any other as most of countries are facing the problem of rape she replied to us that she was attracted with such a huge public protest which took place after the incident. She told that even I was raped so I know the feeling of someone getting raped. She came to India and started approaching the convict and victim’s parents. She told that she took legal permissions from higher authority to interview one of the convict. Sources reveals that she paid his family with approx. 40,000Rs after he demanded for 2, 00,000Rs for the interview. Udwin denied about this fake news and told us that there were many people demanding money from us but we didn’t give money to any of these. The parents of nirbhaya were happy on making of this film and they watched this film with the Udwin itself. Their parents told that I am disappointed with the law and order of our country that a convict is not hanged even if he commits such a crime and is criticized worldwide. Now this film has also been premiered in New York.

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Documentary was to be released on 8th March’2015 on the occasion of International Women’s Day but as the government came to know about the release they banned the film in India. Government banned this film in interest of justice and public interests as the interview with one of the convict Mukesh singh created a tense situation among the people. The government was surrounded by political leader, opposition and as well as public so they have to stop the film release but they were failed to do so. The film was released on 4th March in UK following the ban in India and it went viral on YouTube within couple of hours of release. The government also tried to approach YouTube to remove the video but were unsuccessful.

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Give us your feedback related to this film whether or not it should be released or not and what is that you didn’t liked in it?




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