Should School Bags be made lighter?

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In 1993 A.D., a committee headed by Prof. Yashpal brought in their 12 point recommendation stated that, “The pressure on students is worst when too much is taught just before the examinations.” Almost all the school going children feels that his bag should be made lighter as they are harassed with the burden of carrying many material for one single subject. Their school bags weigh into kilos which create problem of pain in their back and spine.

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Their bags consist too many text books which contains convulated language, which is proved to be much difficult for that student to understand. Their bags also contains many books that many times are not even opened by them in the school. Such useless stuff makes much weigh that creates lethargy in the mind of students towards studies.

Many times chindren used to become bookworm and they just fail to comprehend and they just mug-up the things and reproduce during their examinations on a piece of paper. This shall not provide the real fruits of education. Along with this, syllabus of the present education system is excessive, so even the schools used to give pace without space in order to finish the course. Due to this, it does no create interest in students for studies.

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Subjects like grammar are taught and the tests are taken immediately. Actually, the students demand space to recall the whole topic of grammar which is generally not provided and so he cuts the figure as far as the language is concerned. Most of the students pass without getting the crux of such subjects. They just have done act of cramming during the whole academic year.

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There must be some uniqueness brought to studies that reduces their memorizing habit and which cultivate the habit of giving their own opinions and ideas about the given topic as it expands the new horizons in them. Along with this, the group discussion should be encouraged by the teachers, so that it creates interest in students and help them to study in some creative manner. The topics of the syllabus should be taught by the way of logical answers and the real life application of all the matters should be provided to children so that he can understand the importance of the same.

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For this, the students should be motivated to participate in these group discusions so that they can also grab the real fruits of studies. The main aim of education should be served by redefining the education and removing untrue image of the same from the mind of the students. The students should be made independent of taking their own decisions regarding selecting the stream as well as saying no to wrong things even at the cost of their marks.

[quote bcolor=”yellow” arrow=”yes”]The bags of the students should be made lighter but their brains should be made more efficient and sharp so that they can compete the world.[/quote]

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