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When you thing about Raj Thackeray one thing that comes to your mind would be his violence and the way he protests against the government. There are many issues which led such protests and then they violate because every party have their own way but this is not the right way as there are certain steps to be followed in a standardised manner to convince their issues to the government and if they don’t take action then the last step is protest.

Raj Thackeray is a nephew of Late. Balasaheb Thackeray and he is the Politician and currently leader of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) party. After he left shivsena he formed MNS and then many leaders from shivsena joined his party. He is said to be the image of Balasaheb Thackeray as the way of leading the Party is same. Like Balasaheb Thackeray and his father he also a good painter and photographer. If he was not a politician than he was likely to be working as a cartoonist for Walt Disney studios. He has also organised a concert for Michael Jackson at Andheri sports complex which was the first ever in India.  His politics is same as his uncle and even the way of handling the party. They won 13 assembly seats in 2009 assembly elections which were held in Maharashtra. And after 5 years they have been so strong that nashik, pune etc cites have more MNS votes and they are strong enough in this elections. In Aug’08 he went to Gujarat as a state guest and stayed there for 9 days and studied how Narendra Modi led Gujarat’s development and advised the Maharashtra politicians to learn from it.


Raj Thackeray is known as goonda of Maharashtra as the way he protests and the speeches he gives are the example of it. He gave many speeches and most of the speeches were such which led to disputes among the people. He has 90 cases in Maharashtra and 7 out of Maharashtra against him. He wants “Marathi manoos” given the rights in Maharashtra and he opposes the UP’s and Biharis and he always have disputes with those peoples.

Recently there is a case filed against him and his party’s member for the vandalism of Tolls indifferent parts of Maharashtra. According to MNS the toll plazas are collecting huge amount of money and they have recovered their money by collecting but still they are collecting it. As per their statistics near pune – mumbai highway there is a toll plaza which was constructed and the government gave them the rights to collect the money till 2027. Now after the MNS members investigated that toll than they found that per day 1crore 37 lakh rs. Is being collected from that toll and they have recovered their money but they still keep on collecting the money. So they took the initiative to close all the toll booths and the MNS leader told the people not to pay toll whatever the result be. The members of the party vandalised the toll and they destroyed the computers and the cabins. There has been a case file against this but no action has been taken. Congress and NCP are scared of him as they knew if they do anything to him then there would be more protests.

Whenever Raj Thackeray says anything that happens and there is no one who could stop him. His work is right and for public but the way of doing things is incorrect. But every party has its own way so it’s the MNS’s way of doing things. Now the tolls issue has been raised but the government is not taking any action on this tolls. The MNS have raised the same issue before 2yrs ago and they have filed a complaint in Supreme Court but no reply came so they need to take such steps. They took many initiative like Marathi people’s right, they opposed Bihari’s and UP’s in the Maharashtra state. In one of his speech he told for the AAP when they were forming the party that “Maharashtrat AAP nahi karan tyacha Baap ikde baslo aahe ”. They donot wanted AAP in Maharashtra. MNS wants Marathi language to be spoken in Maharashtra and it should have high priority. They have their slogan as “Maratha  tituka melava|| Maharashtra dharm vadhvava ”.

Let’s see what news come from government and what decision is being taken on toll and on Raj Thackeray but whatever be it should be in public favour so let’s hope everything would be fine and the government should take right decision so that MNS do not have to be more violent.

|| Jai Maharashtra||




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