Public Demand Bollywood to make more movies comparable to Salaam Namaste. Why?

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Salaam Namaste was an amazing romantic comedy film released on 2005 which represents Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan as Amber(Amby) and Nikhil(Nick) respectively.


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It is concerning two young progressive Indians who have migrated from their houses to make life on their own, and how they meet and how they tackle their own relationships and problems and overcome  themselves without their families and who were hating each other at beginning because Nick hate those who calls him Nikhil Arora – the reel name of Saif, and he was quite lazy in his routine and the Amber hate laziness so she always uses to call him Nikhil  and at last, finally, their hates turned into love.

After some incidental gathering, they started fancying each other and settled to live in relationship to confirm that whether they are perfect for each other or not.

This is an amazing notion of the movie so far because they had decided to know each other before marriage. I think this concept should implement by our society especially Indian society because maximum  families are forcing to get arranged married without knowing each other.


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This type of notion impacts on the common public and it may change the mentality of society. “Oh! How can you even think about it?” or “Our society would never accept it” this kind of representatives are also existing in our society. Live In relationships are still not much talked about and rather kept under wraps by the couple. But this is a reality now, marriages are breaking because of incompatibility and insecurities.

So we wish Bollywood concentrate more on these type of subjects which impact the society rather than the tried and tested love stories. Two people meet, fall in love, parents don’t allow so they fight 500 villains, blah blah blah- same old story. We all know we don’t fight villains in that large scale in our real lives. Rather we battle our insecurities, desires, expectations.





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