Pick iPhone 6 for a Superior Experience in every way!

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Iphone 6 is larger than larger. iPhone 6 isn’t just larger , it’s improved in each way. It’s radically skinny. It’s more influential, but extraordinarily power expert. It has a flat metal exterior that flawlessly gathers the new Retina HD display. This is a nonstop form where hardware and software gathering in ideal harmony, inventing a new conception of iPhone that’s enhanced by any measure.

The first obsession you see when you grasp iPhone 6 is how tremendous it feels in your hand. The wrap glass bows downward roughly the surfaces to collect the anodized aluminum area in an outstanding, basic design. No separate edges will be found there. No holes. Iphone 6 is just a flat, faultless connection between metal and glass that senses like single nonstop exterior.

powerful_large_iphone 6


The New Iphone 6 is not only famous for its bigger display but also for its better display. It’s one reason to make a bigger display. It’s totally something else to invent a larger Multi Touch display with luminous colors and advanced contrast at even wider screening angles. But that’s accurately what Iphone 6 inventers did with this innovative Retina HD display.

The dimension of the new, advanced-motion Retina HD display on iPhone 6 may possibly the first object you observe. But what you feel is so much more. It can convey advanced contrast, dual‑domain pixels for more precise color at wider screening angles, and an enhanced polarizer; these are the skinny, most highly developed Multi‑Touch displays, Iphone has ever provided to you. Iphone 6 has 4.7” Retina HD Display with 1334 x 750 Resolution: 326 PPI. The Retina HD display is your casement into the whole thing you perform on iPhone. So it should be enormous. And it has superior contrast, complete sRGB color standard, and incredible brightness and colorless stability.


Iphone 6 is built on 64-bit desktop-class architecture; the modern A8 chip provides better power, still while driving a bigger display. The M8 motion coprocessor competently collects data from superior sensors and a new indicator. And with enlarged battery life, iPhone 6 gives chance to you to do more, for longer than ever.

Iphone allows using Audio up to 50 hours, HD Video up to 11 hours, Wi-fi Browsing up to 11 hours, LTE Browsing up to 10 hours, 3G Browsing up to 10 hours, 3G talk up to 14 hours and stand by up to 10 days (250 hours)! IPhone 6 is planned to be amazingly efficient. So you can expend your daytime taking benefit of all its innovative qualities and apps while receiving healthier battery existence.



Iphone is always a first option to capture. You know the reason, because the iSight camera makes it so extraordinarily simple. Currently, in addition to its big 1.5-micron pixels and ƒ/2.2 hole, the world’s top admired camera is filled with extra ordinary technologies to help everybody capture more enormous photos. To create it just as simple to shoot astonishing video, Iphone 6 added brand new features like the option to capture time-lapse video with 1080p HD at 60 fps. And you will be capable of shooting HD video. Subsequently, observe the eye-catching results on the Retina HD display.

IPhone 6 has quicker LTE download speeds and it provides more LTE bands than another smartphones so you can wander in more places. And when linked to Wi-Fi, you’ll obtain up to 3x faster speeds.

Iphone 6 is containing iOS 8, which is the world’s higher mobile operating system. And with unbelievable new capabilities and features intended to make the most of a superior display, iOS 8 doesn’t just effort flawlessly with iPhone 6.

Iphone 6 will be a best choice to make every experience bigger and better.




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