Mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370

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One week passed away but there is no sign of getting the location of aircraft or any news about the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 to be tracked. Every day in the news you will hear interesting news about the plane. The search widens along the Strait of Malacca, then the department say it would have been hijacked, then an interesting fact came as an oil rig worker near Southeastern coast told the Vietnam official that he witnessed the crash of Malaysian airlines so the search operation was shifted at the Southeastern coast, and then satellite of china and some aircraft on that mission noticed some objects in the Chinese sea from 30,000ft height so they were not sure about what it was but then it as confirmed that it was nothing important and now the location of radar says it may have gone to Indian ocean so now the search is expanded there. The officials told that it would be tough to search in Indian ocean as it’s the 3rd largest ocean in the world and it’s dipper and wider at some areas and from where we searched earlier but we will try our best. Don’t know what had happened but it’s sure that it is one of the most baffling mysteries in modern aviation.

The aircraft was Boeing 777-200ER a wide-bodied long-range jet plane. It has a clean safety record for any commercial aircraft in service. MH370 was flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members. It took off from Malaysian capital at 12:40am on March 8, flying in a northeasterly direction and then after an hour of fly it suddenly disappeared from the radar and it was around 35,000ft when it dropped from radar and there was no location found from that point. So authorities’ say that it may have turned its direction from the original direction towards its right or left so search operations was done in both directions but nothing came into hand. 14 countries have joined this operation to search the missing plane including 34 aircraft and 20 ships from this countries but nothing has been found yet. The relatives of the people who were travelling on the plane don’t understand what would have happened with the plane. The questions are more but there is no answers. Every lead by authorities on search has led nothing but confusion. There were 2 passengers who were travelling on stolen passports so there was a fear of hijacking but later authorities told that there was no terror link. The fuel in the flight after disappearance was to last just for 7 hours so it would not fly beyond it as its fuel would have been empty or in between something would have happened which led its disappearance. The Malaysian police is investigating the house of the pilot who was on that plane. They think he might have committed suicide with the whole plane (this had happened before). So they are keeping an eye on every movement of the family of the pilot but what about the other passenger’s family members.

It’s a tragedy that in these modern world full of technology we could not track a plane. As per the stats it is easy to track the plane than the car because of the devices fitted into the plane but this plane has been a mystery. Would it had not been like the Bermuda triangle incident which is the most mysterious place on earth in this modern world? Some of the passenger wrote a letter and asked the Malaysian airlines for an explanation that the phone of the passengers were ringing than why they can’t hear anything. Wireless analyst Jeff Kegan told Webpothi that ringing phone don’t mean much at all. When you place a call, hit a send button and the phone starts ringing than it does not mean that it is ringing on the phone of the person you are calling .What it means that the network is at work and it is trying to locate the party you are calling. It rings once, twice, thrice and if it finds the phone it delivers the call else it will disconnect the call.

Here’s how the experts reconstructed key moments of the flight: –


Take off: 12:41 am

All tracking system were working as the plane took off from Kuala Lumpur towards Beijing.

Which Event: Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System disabled (time was not known).

After the takeoff one of the plane’s communication system was turned off. ACARS was turned off, and the system was disabled just before the plane flew over the east coast of the Malaysian peninsula. ACARS is the plane’s onboard computer which collects the information about the plane’s and pilot’s performance. It sends lots of information via satellite to the airline and other authorized parties.So disabling of ACARS is tough and it’s not easy to do. If flight would have been hijacked then cutting the ACARS would have been reported to the authorities or any move done to the aircraft.

Which Event: Transponder was turned off at 1:30 am.

Transponder is an electronic message sent out by the airplane. It sends out so-called “squawks” to radar systems about the plane’s flight number, height, speed and heading. This is enormously useful information to air traffic controllers who are looking at scores of blips on screens. Exactly when the Malaysian plane’s transponder was turned off it is unclear to locate. It was disabled after ACARS was shut off. They lost contact when plane was over the Gulf of Thailand between Malaysia and Vietnam.

Which Event: Voice check-in (but no time known)

It’s not clear whether the voice check-in happened before the transponder was turned off, but it is believed to have at about the same time. Someone in the cockpit has made voice check-in with the air traffic controller when the plane was leaving Malaysian airspace and entering Vietnamese airspace. “All right, good night” were the final words from the cockpit. It’s unclear that who spoke this but these is usually spoken by the pilots when executing a handover from one airspace to another.

Which Event: Military radar at 2:40 am.

Though the Malaysian plane is not transmitting any information from ACARS or transponder radars on the ground can still detect a plane in the air. According to the Malaysian Air force official, military radar tracked the plane when it passed over the small island of Pulau Perak, in the Strait of Malacca. At this point the plane would have been hundreds of miles far. In fact the plane was on the other side of the Malaysian peninsula. It is then believed to have either turned northwest towards the Bay of Bengal or southwest elsewhere into the Indian Ocean. This was the last time any civilian or military official tracked the plane.

Event: Satellite ‘handshakes’ at 8:11 am

The Prime Minister revealed that one of the satellite tracked the plane at 8:11 am, more than seven hours after the plane took off. Orbiters high above the ocean detected the plane as the satellite or satellites attempted a series of handshakes or electronic communications. But the plane did not complete the handshakes as the planes communication system was disabled. The raw satellite data confirms that the plane was Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Due to the type of satellite we cannot confirm the precise location of the plane but authorities believe the plane was in one of the 2 flight corridors – a northern route stretching to the northern Thailand, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan and a southern route towards Indonesia or the Southern Indian Ocean.

More than seven days after the takeoff, however, the whereabouts of the plane remains a mystery.

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