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tomatometer – 8,9 / 10
Genre – Drama, Thriller
Star – Jessica Chastain
2 h 49 Min

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Is it me or it feels like Nolan’s last movies are all the same ? In Batman, after it created creepy marginals, capitalism get rid of them by a cool white dude with very expensive toys. In Inception, after it created monopolistic conglomerates, capitalism gets a new breeze of free market thanks to a cool white dude with very expensive toys. In Interstellar, after it completely ruined the earth, capitalism is exported to ruin other planets by a cool white dude with very expensive toys. The cool white dude eventually gets some help by willingly exploited minorities (a black, an Asian, a smurfette, and all new in Interstellar : a robot, pretty useful when you want a minority you can just throw away without any regrets after exploiting it) working hard to make this capitalist messiah succeed. Without forgetting the words of wisdom of the old patriarchal white man (mostly Michael Caine. The message is always pretty obvious : to save capitalism, buy big toys and exploit others.
Yes I put a spoiler warning on this review : capitalism gets saved.

Earth is overpopulated and plants are dying from drought, dust is everywhere and starting to be a problem. This is all what we were told by a movie, everything that we should know (they think. So instead of trying to solve these problems by inventing new food forms, by ocean water demineralization or just soft decreasing of population to numbers Earth can sustain best minds came up with ingenious plan – go through suddenly discovered wormhole and see what happens. Instead of sending drones they sent bunch of people through to a no-return mission, three having reported of habitable planet each.
It is when things started to become interesting. NASA picks up some random guy pilot (McConaughey) to lead mission to these three planets, all of them coincidentally in the same system, orbiting a black hole. COME ON, three planets orbiting a black hole? If you want to live here, you might be insane. However, in a retarded fashion he decides to leave his young daughter on dying earth to pursue his all-life-mission. Some more absurd plot decision happens when he then decide to land planet with such twisted space-time (because it is near blackhole, remember – we are watching movie pretending to make sense scientifically) that it has time accelerated 60000 times comparing to earth.
Nothing very interesting happens next, three non-essential persons just die, Matt Damon being one of them by going nuts for absolutely no reason. In the end McConaughey diving into a black hole (finally making sense sequence) leaving only one woman in a mission (Hathaway) to land a planet she wanted first were her supposed lover landed previously. And while soundtrack plays loudly to draw attention from following absurd plot twist, main hero spends 60 years in another dimension translating quantum equations to his daughter on Earth which will solve all problems and allow six billions people to escape. By the way all these years everyone was just waiting, absolutely no one bothered to send more expeditions so busy they were all solving Einstein equations.
Why so silly? With so many numerous big and small plot holes this can’t be serious movie. Main hero acting like a retard (or actually he is) his daughter soon-big-girl solving biggest scientific problem in history, two absolutely useless crew members with funny robot as a company and a woman supposed to be main-hero’s girlfriend, a lier as main scientist and a bunch of another useless people. Even CGI can not save the day. We were told that black hole CGI supposed to be most realistic than ever, but it was pictured in roughly 1.5 scenes at best. Soundtrack is fine, but it is played so loudly, in disharmony with deep space atmosphere and in some scenes being unnecessary as well.
So what we have in the end? It just looked like they tried to make big, really BIG move about space travel and physic phenomenons, but somehow missed big picture and not really payed attention to the details, ignoring common sense which eventually led to a failure. Sadly, good opportunity to create such movie in the uncharted territory was wasted.

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