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After reading up for month about Honor 6 and using it I am writing down the review of first-hand piece. All of the websites have covered the points which I am going to list down but there are some which need to be undertaken which are highlighted in bold.
• This phone has a good display as it has 445ppi pixel display.
• Sharp display.
• Better contrast with Super AMOLED screen.
• Different colors, better brightness effect and good viewing angle.

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• Superb fit and finish, good material quality. Feels premium and nice to hold in hand (5inches).
• Very light for the size (around 130gms) but doesn’t feel flimsy at all.
• Narrow bezels with a good percentage of area covered by the display itself (Unlike the mi3) make it more compact than other phones with 5 inch display.
• Rounded corners and super slim profile makes it practical to use (Unlike square-ish corners of mi3).

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• Simple, smooth and very functional. For anyone who has used an android phone before, there should be no stress to adapt to this.
• Not very far from stock android, and changes made on top of it feel very natural while using and there is almost zero learning curve.
• Default theme works well for me. For those who want to play around, there are plenty of customization options available (both local and online).
• Lack of app drawer doesn’t really matter as you can still keep your favorite apps and widgets closer and group and push back others.
• EMUI 3 is around the corner, waiting to try it asap.

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• The 13MP primary camera isn’t anything brilliant (only if I compare it with the ones on other flagships) but does the job well.
• Don’t underestimate; it’s still the best I’ve seen in this price range.
• 5mp front camera is a surprise, great for selfie lovers; it’s a wide angle one and captures good range. You can easily take a selfie with 2 friends by your side.
• The beautification feature should be popular with the fairer sex, it actually softens the skin texture and removes unwanted details from your face.
• The stock editor packs in some innovative stuff (slim face, slender nose, enhanced eyes etc.)

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• I can’t say much about it as am not much into hi-performance gaming. Basic stuff like switching across multiple apps and webpages was handled with ease.
• Became a little warm at the back and showed some lag after half an hour of streaming full HD videos on YouTube.

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6. AUDIO QUALITY – This is one aspect which is greatly neglected in other reviews. Here’s my take
• Easily one of the better sounding phones in the market. IMO, it comes second only to the beats range found on more expensive HTC One series.
• Superb audio on speaker, no surround speakers though.
• Good with headphones, but not great (I am switching from Beats audio and feel it’s better).
• Decent volume level with good frequency response, the bass tends to get muddy at times though. I am no audiophile, but can tell good from bad using my Shure SE215s
• The stock music app comes with dts enhancement which works like a charm (still not as good as beats audio in HTCs).
• FOR THOSE WHO CARE FOR MUSIC AND ARE WAITING FOR THE MI4 – I have tested Mi3 and it sounded pathetic and if gsmarena reviews are anything to go by, Mi4 will be no different. Good to see Huawei has done no cost cutting on this front

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Finally, A SPECIAL MENTION OF THE WiFi (for those who have read anandtech review and are worried about the poor WiFi). Firstly, I haven’t read about this problem anywhere else, and now that I have used it, I can say it has been flawless. I HAVE EXPERIENCED GREAT SPEEDS AND NO DROP WHATSOEVER

So I recommend that you can buy Huawei Honor6 if you can handle the phone with care because it is easily breakable if you drop it on the ground.




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