Manjhi – The Mountain Man Movie Review

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Manjhi- the Mountain Man is a True story of a man who broke a mountain for love. It is Indian biographical film and Movie which is based on the life of Dashrath Manjhi”. Manjhi far a part known as the Mountain Man. Hindi Biological movie look Nawazuddin siddiqui and Radhika Apte in main roles. In this movie Nawazuddin siddiqui playing the role of Dashrath manjhi.

 The Movie is directed by Ketan Mehta and Manjhi released on August 21st 2015. It is a story of Dashrath manjhi who is small worker in village named as Gehlaur, near Gaya in Bihar state (India).


Let’s begin with the films start. It directly happens and that we mean not unexpectedly but a little with its immediate click, the movie turns the public in its zone.The most excellent part of movie is its significance which is snatch so nicely. Pain and physical suffering from lower class, their attitude with which they cover again to their lives.

The movie limits is true love story and this middle plot got correct amount of focus and other is some backup plots. With the Performance and focus of the love story win the audiences heart. Being a real story, emotional combine is also represent very beautifully and which involve that the audience was also emotional connect for movie and that inspired real stories. If movie not been able to connect the viewers, they fail in this movie for success.

Talking about dialogues, usually Bihar sorts makes them active in itself.  Dialogues delivered by actors were nicely done. The extremity would be expected and it is very nice that the viewers want to know that what is going to happen next. The imperfection in the extremity is easily and calmly reached.



Signature dialogue of manjhi-“Shaandaar zabardast zindabad”. This motivating and short story is shocking and cheerfully executed. The man with the hammer and a purpose is also stronger than that.


Mostly cinema comes with its expectations and the incorporation of a tiny colored love story with close relationship is presented. It should be avoided to watch for younger generation.


Definitely benefit a watch and not online. I would request to all readers who read this to go and watch the work of Dashrath manjhi. This movie is worth your money.

Love has a lot power, and there is nothing impossible in life. Where there’s will there’s way. This kind of messages have been delivered from movie. Do share us your point of view after watching the movie.




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