Lost in Space?

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People spend their holidays at various spots with their families, friends and other members. They enjoy with all of them at these spots and keep themselves cool and work free. There is a similar story of one of the family of Dr. Cooper about some incident which took place with them which is described below.

Dr. Cooper was a well-known scientist and a researcher. He works at the space station. One day they decided to go to a big trip where they would see some new thing and no one else went there. So Dr. Cooper decided to take their family to one of the nearest planet. As Dr. Cooper was a scientist he was able to go and he knows everything about it. They did all their packing and started to take off with a rocket with them from their space station. So we cannot guess where they may go. Venus is the easiest planet which we can see with our naked eye from Earth’s sky. So Dr. Cooper will take their family to Venus as per our assumptions but he didn’t told their family that where he will take and it was in his mind. Look out at the east before sunrise and in the west just after sunset. It looks like a brilliant star, and is nicknamed the “morning star” and “evening star”. It is nothing but Venus.

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While on their way when he didn’t find where to go as there is only one planet Earth where there is existence of life yet found and not at any other planet so where they will go? So based on certain questions in his mind he wrote some conclusions based on certain assumptions and proof made by certain scientist. These conclusions can be useful to all the people if somebody lost into space. Below are the planets nearby Earth which can be chosen but what climatic condition are on these planets for us to survive. Are they suitable for us? The answer lies below:

If you could be zapped onto any of the planet which should you choose?

1. Mercury: If you arrive at night you will freeze to death, if you arrive at day, you will be toast. So you could conclude based on previous sentence how dangerous Mercury is.

2. Venus: Difficult to know if you could dissolve into sulphuric acid before you are cooked by the heat.

3. Earth: Be prepare to swim in case you land in water. If you come across other living things, check if they look friendly or hungry and either smile or run.

4. Mars: If you have your own oxygen supply, and land in the warmest regions, you might be fine for a while, but the violent winds and dust storms are unbearable.

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Vital Statistics

1. Mercury

Diameter: 4,875 km (3,029 miles).

Distance from Sun: 57.9 million km (36 million miles).

Rotation: 59 days.

Orbit of the Sun: 88 days.

2. Venus

Diameter: 12,104 km (7,521 miles).

Distance from Sun: 108.2 million km (67.2 million miles).

Rotation: 243 days.

Orbit of the Sun: 224.7 days.

3. Earth

Diameter: 12,756 km (7,926 miles).

Distance from Sun: 149.6 million km (93 million miles).

Rotation: 23.93 hours.

Orbit of the Sun: 365.26 days.

4. Mars

Diameter: 6,780 km (4,213 miles).

Distance from Sun: 227.9 million miles (141.6 million miles).

Rotation: 24.63 hours.

Orbit of the Sun: 687 days.

As per above statistics and conclusions they had gone to some place which has not been told or they may have Lost. So it’s a mystery. If you are genius and like mysteries then solve it and reply in below comment section that where did they or they lost into the space or it will create a mystery like Bermuda Triangle. Do share this article so that many people can read these story and solve the mystery.

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