India After Festival of Lights

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Diwali, the biggest festival of India. It is also known as “Festival of Lights” which is celebrated every year with huge excitement. People get together, eat sweets, wear new clothes and much more.

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People of India fire crackers on the night of Diwali, children, youngsters and even adults fire crackers. Due to heavy use of fireworks from last couple of years the pollution level on the night of Diwali reaches at it’s peak. At night of Diwali noise of fireworks is very high due to which patients in hospitals are restless, as well as people who don’t like loud noises are irritated with very high sound of crackers. Animals get frightened from high sound of crackers and they hide somewhere where there is less noise.

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The Air pollution goes alarming high in big cities of India, and the polluted air remains in atmosphere for 2 days after Diwali. On 23th October , the National Capital recorded 210 micro grams of Nitrogen Dioxide per cubic metre which should be 80 per cubic metre normally, in Ahmedabad high levels of Sulphur Dioxide in air are recorded which are 503 micro grams per cubic metre. Chennai has 393 micro grams of Sulphur Dioxide.

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Due to fireworks, from 5pm on Thursday 23rd October the level of toxic materials and gases in air has been rising at top speed. and situation is worst as there is no air in atmosphere which can blow away smoke due to fireworks, we can feel the pollution in air due to it.  The Toxic waste of firecrackers is also a huge problem, as per news . Corporation of Chennai collected as much as 43 tonnes of firecracker waste from Wednesday. With burst firecrackers still lining the streets on Thursday, the city likely produced twice as much waste, environmentalists said, warning that leachate with harmful chemicals could contaminate groundwater.

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My Personal Views(Not Applicable to Anybody):

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  • The people who are firing crackers I want to list their names and throw water of commode on them.
  • Diwali is the festival of “Deeps” and not firecrackers so people must stop firecrackers.
  • In factories of firecrackers thousands of children are working as a child labor so it must be stopped.
  • The toxic waste of firecrackers is polluting our land and Mr. Modi is angry about it as he just started “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.
  • If people continue to use firecrackers then one day Animals will get angry like Planet of the Apes and they will fight against human beings and humans can loose the war against them.
  • I wish I had hundreds of drones with which I can attach water and make all firecrackers wet when people fire them.
  • The people who use firecrackers should not be allowed to Fart until the pollution of firecrackers is gone completely.
  • The people who use firecrackers should be forced to inhale polluted air due to them.
  • There should be policy made by government to
  • The people firing crackers should not be allowed to wash their hands as they made planet dirty they themselves should live with dirtiness for a day.
  • The firecrackers should be attached to pants of people who use more fireworks.
  • The people who fire crackers on Diwali should not be allowed to use bottles for firing rockets.






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