Importance of Education

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Can you imagine world without education?

It is but obvious, that we in our school days felt so boring to wake up early in the morning to departure for school but in fact Education is such a source that makes a person a complete man. The main reason a person should get education is that it makes a person wiser as compared to those who are uneducated.

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Education plays a vital role in molding a person and his whole personality. One of the reasons of poverty in India is illiteracy among people residing in our country. Following are some of the reasons why a person must be educated:

Prosperity :

If a person is educated then there are ample chances that he earns handsome money, no doubt there are many people who are uneducated then also they are earning well but education increases the chance to have a prosperous life.


A person gets respect in society if he is stepping with all those who are educated among his social as well as family groups and achieves a great social status.

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Eradicates Anti-social Evils:

The people who are uneducated generally do not get work anywhere and so they cannot earn money for their livelihood and then ultimately in order to earn money for their survival, they switch-over themselves to anti-social elements.


Education is such a tool that helps the person to become self-dependent at least to stand in the society with dignity and would be able to earn his own livelihood. In addition to this, he may save himself from being cheated by the people who make manipulations.

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Sense of Equality:

A qualified person would always consist sense of equality among people living in our society in terms of income, caste, creed, race, religion, class, etc. He/she do not make usually a decision that makes other person feel degraded or low in status as compared to him.

Stays Away From Superstitions:

An educated person stays away from those superstitions who used to do mal-practices that disturbs the society and harms the social well-being. That person would always uses his mind and do not believe in those superstitions that are totally baseless and spreads negativity in the society.

There is lack of educational services in many regions of the country. Even though it is available in many regions, poor people do not send their child for studies but rather they force them to work at small shops. This results in child labor and ultimately that child do not acquire appropriate education that helps him to stand on his own feet and this situation leads to poverty.

In order to see India as prosperous and developed like other countries, we need to take stand and let all Indians study and beat the other nations in all aspects.




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