How to write SEO optimized article?

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SEO is Search Engine Optimization/Search Engine Optimizer is used to generate traffic onto your website and bring your website at top in the search engine. It is important to drive traffic to your website either paid or organic for success of your. Read More about SEO here>>

Article writing or Blogging is an art of sharing valuable resources or content related to your area of interest to people connected globally. It is same as a reporter or journalist who takes interview of successful people and share it through blogs. Many people write blogs and use it as a power to share knowledge to millions of users through sharing it on social sites and making their existence on web.

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If you are an article writer or bloggers and you don’t get traffic to your blog than this blog is for you. Your blog is the most important owned property. If you want your content to make impact, follow these practices to maximize the results. Use below steps to write SEO optimized article which will help to drive traffic to your blog.

1. Select appropriate topic:

Choose a topic on which you are writing. You can choose any topic related to current affairs or topic of your interest. The article must be useful to the customer/audience who are going to read.

2. Research about the keywords:

There are many online tools available to search about the keyword. These tools will give you all the keywords which have been typed most of the times in top search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc. The topic of the blog must also contain a keyword.

3. Note down the most searched keywords:

After researching the keywords copy the keywords which match your topic and blog.

4. Use these keywords in your blog:

Use these keywords in your article as many times as you can so that your blog becomes SEO optimized with keywords.

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5. Write blog of minimum 400-500 keywords:

Your blog/article should be minimum of 400-500 keywords. The search engine will however consider your blog if it is short but if there is more content in your blog it will be easy for search engine to search the relative keywords or content in your blog.

6. Share your article on social sites:

Sharing of your blog/article in social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, stumble upon etc. These are very popular social network platform to share your blog and drive traffic to your blog as means of organic. You can also drive paid traffic to you blog if you are capitally strong.

7. Daily update your blog:

In order to be in market and want to make existence on the web you must daily post blogs on to your websites. This will help in making relationship with your customer that the site is being updated daily with unique content. It will also help for higher rank of your website and gaining popularity.

Follow above steps and your blog will get good traffic. This article is from the master who gives tips on marketing strategy for your blog.




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