How to secure your internet life ?

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Life is precious and to stay it safe and secure we’d like security. Same as here web is one in all the essential amenities of individuals now-a-days. If there’s no web than life is sort of a hell. You all would have practiced it. Countless personal information of individuals round the world area unit on the web and what if they get hack. What if your personal data go public and hackers misuse your information? There have to be compelled to be how intent on secure these data.

Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, snapchat, twitter, hike etc. are social networking sites and apps that contain confidential information. Few days ago some Russian hackers steal billions of passwords of users. Therefore you’ll imagine what if your information gets steal and somebody tries to misuse yours. In these technology generation we tend to square measure here to launch mission to mars and moon and that we cannot secure our information. The initiative of securing information isn’t simply the web site providing security however it’s your too.

Therefore here square measure a number of the small print being explained concerning securing your confidential information over web online: –


1. Email security:-

                Most folks send emails on a daily basis. We tend to send several confidential information like business connected information and private information through email. What if somebody hacks our mail? You would like how resolute solve this.

Solution: – You would like to write your information before causation the e-mail so no intruders or hacker will perceive what the info is. However the Roman deity advantage is that the sender and receiver should use constant technique to write and rewrite the info. No person would understand until and unless you say them.


2. Password:-

It’s the foremost necessary issue to be secured. Passwords is used to login in into your account and it’s distinctive and set by us. If your password is weak and breakable like 1234 or your mobile range or name@123 than your account goes to be hacked easily. In cyber café you ought to continuously clear the history and cookies so nobody might ready to acknowledge what you probably did.

Solution: – we must always set alpha-numeric password so it’s tough to crack by the hackers. Continuously whereas coming into the password use virtual keyboard instead of mistreatment your own keyboard. The hackers maintain key loggers who keep their eye on what you sort and send. Continuously use powerful password with alpha-numeric and symbolic constant. Manage your password mistreatment tools. And continuously change your password at short intervals.

Chatting through touch screen smartphones

3. Chats:-

You all do chatting with friends, families whatsapp, Facebook, snapchat etc. If these chats goes into the incorrect hand it’d be dangerous. Once the snap chat was introduced rumors came that its Chinese product so all the info were uploaded on to their server and they were stealing it. If you hear you’ll undoubtedly stop using it however it had been false.

Solution: – There are certain encryption software to be installed to encrypt text while sending and decrypt while receiving. It’s easy to use these tools. Both sender and receiver must have the same tool.

4. Backup: –

You retain your files on-line so you’ll access it whenever and where you wish. You retain all the necessary documents associated with the business furthermore as personal. If your on-line drive gets hacked you’ll be in an exceedingly massive bother.

Solution: – Keep a powerful password onto your login of on-line drive so nobody might steal it. Keep a backup with you furthermore in hard-drive as a result if it you don’t get access to your account than can use it. You’ll use encrypting tools to write your information before its being uploaded.


5. VPN: –

You are onto the public network when you are using the internet. So any one can spy on what you are doing including governmental agencies.

Solution: – Create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and use. Don’t attempt anybody to enter into your network. Keep it password protected.

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