How to perform smart work?

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You work with in a business or have your own business or you are a student the one and only thing which is required for the success of business or a student is smart work. Rather than hard work, smart work is more prioritized because manager or the decision maker has to use his/her brain on right time to take any important decision in the business or else if any student need to clear the exams and learn a subject that his/her concepts would be clear and will not forget it within short time.

Basically people have different definitions of hard work and smart work. People prefer hard work in which the physical work and body parts have an important role i.e. they give all their efforts while smart work is to analyses the work and then solve it with the good and easy solution.


Below are 5 key points which can be used to do smart work: –

1. Specific: –

Specific meaning definite. For e.g. if a person wants to decrease his weight and if he has specific goal that 4-5 kg weight should be decreased than definitely it would be done but it needs to be worked. Just thinking that I will decrease my weight and doing nothing will not do anything but increase your problem so be specific and work upon it.

2. Must be measurable : –

Measurement meaning scaling, but here measurement is of the work in terms of business. You do certain work and how much successful you are in that work is to measured and improved later based on the measurement.For success have to do the measurement yourself and try to solve to achieve better result.

3. Must be achievable: –

In business you always have challenging task so you don’t have to be afraid of such task instead you need to try in all the way and perform the task. Never ever bring negative thoughts to your mind about the work it may never complete and you will be a loser.

4. Realistic: –

Any goal you decide to achieve implement it. Just don’t dream your thoughts but implement it and get good results as per the goal.

5. Time Bound: –

Any work you perform should be within time limit. As time is precious for you as well as for others so in business time matters more. Don’t waste time in unnecessary thing. Utilize your time in doing extensive work and go towards the path of success.


Over all our aim was to give positive thoughts to people so that they work hard for their career or future and don’t wait for miracle.

“Luck also supports those people who do smart work and hard work to achieve goal and success”

Comment in the below section for the feedback of the above article. You can add some other points which were uncovered by me.




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