How to open an account in Swiss Bank

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Switzerland is well known for its unique banking system, including its remarkable privacy policies. While Swiss banks are Exceptionally well in maintaining their privacy.

There are hundreds of Swiss banks in Switzerland. Requirements for opening a account can vary by account type, by your residential status or even by your profession.

The following questions that come into minds of people before opening an account in Swiss bank:-

1) Why should I open an account in Swiss bank and not in any local bank?

Ans. Because in general, Banks in Switzerland are the safest financial institutions in the world. The financial activity of Swiss banks is regulated by very strict rules set by hundreds of years of banking practice and watchdog monitoring.

2) Who can open account in Swiss bank?

Ans. Generally, any adult person can open up an account at almost any financial institution. However, banking institutions reserve the right to reject any applicants. For instance, a bank may refuse to offer financial products to “politically-exposed individuals” since the bank believes that these individuals might represent risk to their volatile reputation in the marketplace. Banks can also reject an application if the applicant is unable to pass the due diligence process.

But the good news is that 9 out 10 of our applicants do get approved, as we personally handle each and every application. 

3) Aren’t Swiss banks meant for particularly rich people?

Ans. No, Swiss bank are not for wealthy people only. Some Swiss banks takes million Swiss Francs for deposit but not all. i.e. its not a general rule. Clients have a pool of choice to pick the best service and the most suited bank. Over 400 Swiss banks compete for clients, and many of them specialize in other than serving the rich. The balance requirements can be as low as 100 Swiss Francs.

4) Can I open an account via e-mail or do I have to be present in the bank?

Ans. By law, you cannot open a bank account via email, but you do not have to show up in person in the bank either. You physically need to sign your application form and mail it back to us, and we will personally submit your documents on your behalf. This the only way to avoid travelling to Switzerland.

5) How can I open my account online?

Ans. Customer care will guide you through the opening process of your Swiss online personal bank account! You don’t have to travel to Switzerland, have a long conversation with a banker or or provide all sorts of paperwork to get your account opened. You simply fill out the online application form in 3 minutes, answer few questions and you are done. They will take care of the rest.

visit following link to start your process of opening an account of Swiss bank now:-




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