How to earn Money without any investment

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  1. Sell Blood or Body Organs: –

If you are healthy and young and you want money then you can sell blood to the needy or any organ like kidney, eyes etc. to the needy and rich person and you can earn a lot of money.

2. Sell mobiles: –

You can take a phone from a friend who wants to sell it and then you sell that phone by your tactics and earn money and return the amount to your friend for which you have dealt with.

3. Sell home appliances: –

If you are need in money and u want it urgently then you can send home appliances which can give you a good amount and even nowadays there are many websites which provide such type of selling and purchasing. By just giving an advertisement the product can be purchased by the person who like it. So if you are lucky enough then you can get good amount for your product.

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4. Khabri : –

If you don’t have any quality and you feel like you don’t get any job then you have a job which is waiting for you i.e. as a Khabri for police. You require a daring and full confidence for doing this job and you will get paid for it by the policeman and even you don’t have to worry because they will help us in every way but one thing is don’t misuse this job in the name of policeman.

5. Hacking:-

If you have computer knowledge and programming language which you think you write some code which can break the vulnerability of any website or you can get any confidential information but these can be illegal as these type of hackers are called black hat hackers but if you have such a great knowledge then use it for legal means by helping the government or other firms to secure their sites from threats which can earn you a good money.

6. Freelancing: –

If you are have a good knowledge about playing guitar, or piano or you can write an article, program, code etc. then there are many websites which provides you to work and earn money. You are not an employee of any company.

7.  Sell chips: –

These is very much easy job, if you are thinking such than you are wrong. It requires more work than other job because you need to go to the person to person for selling and until and unless you don’t have skills for selling you can’t sell. So try to implement good marketing strategy and sell the packets. There are various places to sell chips i.e. near railway station, on roads, highways etc. or else if you play online games on facebook like teenpatti, candycrush they require chips for playing so if you have that chips you can sell it off and earn money.

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8. Rent: –

If you want money but it’s not urgent and if you have any asset which can lead you money without selling the asset then you can give the fixed asset to rent and earn money. You can rent on house, office, bike, car etc.

9. Sell ideas: –

If you are creative enough and you have a good idea with you which can come across as an innovation then you can sell these idea and earn money or else implement the idea and earn money.

10. Blogging: –

It’s a professional way to earn money. It requires a good knowledge, language and means to express your thoughts and share it to people so that they can read and if we keep some ads than we can earn more from it.

These are above 10 tips which can be useful to earn good money. If you have more beside these or want to share your view then share it in below comment section.

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