How to control air pollution ?

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Pollution is present substance in the atmosphere that dangerous for living beings and the air is a part of it. Air is a much essential element for the survival of living beings. Air is a basic need for living beings without it life is not possible. One can live without food and water for 1/2 days but one cannot live without air even for 1/2 minutes.


As we all are driving towards extravagant life but we forget to take care and preserve our environment health and its beauty. The man is cutting trees for their shelter due to growing  population but polluted free air will be also needed to survive.

How air gets affected ?


As I said earlier that everybody wants to live their life extravagantly and want their personal resources for preserving their time. So they are purchasing their own cars for travelling, company buses for their staff members etc. blows the smoke in the atmosphere which turns into harmful gas and atmosphere gets damage. Polluted air causes an adverse effect on humans and the ecosystem.

Pollutants can be natural or man-made. When industrial waste is thrown out then there some of the substance are not degraded completely into a land so that land is also polluted and its chemical waste is thrown into the river so that water also gets affected.

It not only affects the environment but its also get harm to living beings as human and animals use to drink that water and many vegetables are grown on land. Some natural phenomena, such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires, may have not only local and regional effects but also long-lasting global ones.

How to make the environment less polluted?


We can not prevent totally the air pollution but we can do some adjustments so that it gets less affected. Firstly we all have to  understand ways and means of air pollution control.

  1. Do increase the use of recycling things and efforts to make less waste.
  2. Not to use a vehicle for a shorter distance. Maximize the use of public vehicle instead of private one.
  3. Uses of biodegradable substances should develop so that land also get fertile and we get the good significance of crops and veggies.
  4. Not to through waste anywhere because street animals will eat and get virally affected and that virus may affect humans.

Above were some general impressions but it plays an essential role in saving our nature’s vitality.

“Less Pollution Great Solution”




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