How to be a successful Entrepreneur ?

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When we think about entrepreneur one thing that comes to our mind is all that successful people who started their business in teenage and made billions of dollars. when we hear them or their successes we also think that we can make billion dollar but it’s not that much easy because to become a successful entrepreneur one requires a vision, passion and also other qualities of leadership. Person also requires to be a good leader and should be able to hold on the sacrifices which arises when we move ahead in the business. He should be able to take decisions by considering all the aspects and not just income because in business sometimes there is loss and sometimes there is profit. All the employees, investors etc rely on the decisions how effective it can be proved.

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To start a business one must take an initiative to broadcast his ideas and it should be unique so the business can be brought into the market and can grow and make profit. nowadays there are many examples of successful entrepreneur which we can see and learn from them. They had not made their business grow in short time but they had done hard work which led them achieve success.

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When you start a new business it is not sure that you take right decision. You need to be careful about the decision you take because it plays vital role in entrepreneurship. Once i had an interview with a businessman i asked him about how he became so successful entrepreneur. He replied there are two words which helped me to become successful entrepreneur that is “Right decisions”. then i asked how could you take the right decisions, then he replied there is one word which made me took right decisions which is “experience”. then i asked again how you gained experience then the reply of him was to be listenable as he said it was the the 2 words which helped me gaining the experience which is “wrong decisions”. So overall i understood that without a single wrong decision you can’t gained experience and after getting experience you never take wrong decisions so you take right decisions which led us to be a successful entrepreneur. so after hearing this i was totally impressed with him and it gives us a good lesson that don’t think that i have taken wrong decision and just criticize yourself but be experienced and never take such decisions again so you can take right decisions and you can be also successful and these words are not only for entrepreneur but in every aspects of life this 3 points are needed.

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