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Hudhud Cyclone is an attack which is taking place in India. It creates big waves in the sea and targets the places near the sea. The waves rises high in the air and changes the environment. Hudhud is names by the Country Oman. It is named after the bird Hupu.

Miami National Hurricane Center and World Meteorological Organization (WMO) gives the names to this cyclones attack which takes place in any of the listed country in their organization. It has list of countries and whenever any cyclone takes place the name is given by the country sequentially. The name is given in such a way that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of any people.


According to weather forecast it is said that the hudhud cyclone is going to strike the coastal region of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Jharkhand and Vishakhapatnam. It is going to strike with the speed of 180Kmph as per the weather forecast reports. Heavy rain with the wind will start in the state and it will also affect nearby places as well. Because of this cyclone this states are on high alert and the government has been ready to handle this cyclone. Highways, Railway, Airway all are set on high alert and many of the trains and planes are cancelled or diverted. National highways are also closed. The schools and offices are closed today and the government have given clear cut instructions not to go near any coast for 5 days till the cyclone is not completely over.

cyclone hudhud

Technology used:

NASA had already given the images of the hudhud cyclone which is attacking south-eastern coast of India. ISRO is also helping their way out to get the satellite images of the cyclone so that they can get the direction of the cyclone and how fast it is coming.


What did government did to tackle this:

  • Took 5,000,000 people from coastal region to another places before the cyclone attacks
  • Relief camp setup.
  • Military forces with all the amenities are placed near the coastal region of all the three states.
  • National Disaster Response Force are also present.
  • 10 helicopters for any emergencies.
  • 4 ships are also ready to deal with the cyclone.
  • Swimmers are also there with the teams for helping people.
  • Satellite phones are given for contacting.


Let’s hope the cyclone goes safe without killing any people or harm to anyone but you should also care about yourself and act upon the instructions given by them to not go to the beaches for next 5 days. The government are doing their best as much they can but it’s the natural’s call so no one can predict what happens.




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