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Now a days, Messaging apps are bombarded in market and new apps are coming at a very fast pace. The new messaging app has been launched in market currently which is known as ComiXchat. As the name implies it transforms your chat in comic books. The app launched in Comic Con this year and is available to download on Ios, Android and Windows Operating Systems. The ComiXchat works easily, user just has to select hand drawn avatars all ranging from an elegant Pirate Uni to dragon named Dough.

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Once you select an avatar you have to start typing. The app then recognizes all that you have wrote and writes it automatically in balloons above characters as seen in Comic books. User can also change moods of characters from selecting moods icon. All the conversations that you have typed will be shown in a manner that is displayed in Comic books. Comic book fans love this kinds of apps and this is unique kind of app for messaging. The primary goal of the founder is to create most expressive interaction platform that exists today.

[quote font=”play” font_size=”15″ font_style=”italic” arrow=”yes”]”The trend that we are going on is peoples’ demand for more and more expressive ability in chats. You can see the rise of emoticons and stickers,” says Yuval Hertzog, cofounder of Nubis, the startup behind the chat app. “ComiXchat is just taking this to pretty much the extreme.”[/quote]

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The company Nubis was founded 2 years ago in Australia by keeping goal in mind to create innovative social products. The app before ComiXchat was known as Alphega which let users to see all their social updates based on geolocation. The company get more designers to design for app on the basis of freemium to generate revenue.

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