Indian Youth as a real change to excel growth

Youth is the spring of life as well as the young blood of a nation. It is the age of discovery and dreams. India is the largest youth population in the world today. The entire world is eyeing India as a source of technical manpower. They are looking at our ...

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Measures to stop Child Abuse

Stop child abuse

Child abuse is the major problem not only of India but of whole world. It is increasing in a great extent so we are here to share some knowledge on the child abuse by using this measures you can stop up to some extent. Abusing has adverse effect on children ...

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Should School Bags be made lighter?

Students with School bags

In 1993 A.D., a committee headed by Prof. Yashpal brought in their 12 point recommendation stated that, “The pressure on students is worst when too much is taught just before the examinations.” Almost all the school going children feels that his bag should be made lighter as they are harassed ...

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Children Reading Books

The poet Robert Southey has called the books as our true friends and never leaving our hand in our worst times. The book plays a vital role in a person’s life as it creates a revolutionary impact on one’s mind. A person can read book as when he gets time ...

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Increasing Population in India


India stands 2nd in the world in population after China. There has been rapid increase in population in India. There are about 127 crore people living in our country. In India the three major problems are poverty, unemployment and continuous increase in population. These are such problems which create hindrance in the development of ...

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After the impact of biggest nude photo leak: Jennifer Lawrence

jennifer-lawrence-was-wrong-to-call-it-a-sex-crime webpothi

Jennifer Lawrence is back to red carpet. She visited BFI London Film Festival for watching her new film “Serena”. Jennifer Lawrence took the very plunging in ultra low-cut, black tuxedo-style dress and turned heads. In the film, Lawrence worked with Bradley Cooper who is co-star in the film. Bradley Cooper is playing the role ...

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Ariana Grande – The Darling of Nickelodeon

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande, the most sensational singer now a days. Born in Florida, USA, her full-name is Ariana Grande-Butera. She is an American recording artist and actress.  and is very famous as the “next Selena Gomez”. Grande co-founded the South Florida youth singing group Kids Who Care, which performed for charitable fund-raising events at the ...

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