Amazing Facts to blow your Mind

Here are some amazing facts which will be helpful to know about the inventions or innovations of products. These facts also gives you knowledge about species of animals, birds etc. or some interesting facts which you don’t know. Have a look at these facts: 1. Rabbit and parrot can see ...

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Life of a Student in College

Life of Student in College

[quote arrow=”yes” color=”red”]“There is a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college” -Bill Cobsy[/quote] College – A place to learn, a space to grow where you can show your talent and your ability which will be forecasted to all students. College is your best time of your ...

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Should School Bags be made lighter?

Students with School bags

In 1993 A.D., a committee headed by Prof. Yashpal brought in their 12 point recommendation stated that, “The pressure on students is worst when too much is taught just before the examinations.” Almost all the school going children feels that his bag should be made lighter as they are harassed ...

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Children Reading Books

The poet Robert Southey has called the books as our true friends and never leaving our hand in our worst times. The book plays a vital role in a person’s life as it creates a revolutionary impact on one’s mind. A person can read book as when he gets time ...

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Life is full of Opportunities

It’s true! In our life many opportunities arrives and it different ways. We just have to grab the opportunity. People are always complaining that they didn’t do the work because they didn’t get the opportunity. But it’s not the problem. Opportunities comes in many ways but they fail to pick ...

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10 Key points of Business Success

If you’re thinking of startup and wish some recommendations on business below are ten key points that are needed to begin any business or bring success into your business. 1. First keypoint is that no matter you have got in mind regarding the startup get whole data regarding it. How it works and what are the pros and cons of it. 2. If you have got a business plan than do whatever for fulfilling your plan. Don’t divert your ...

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