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The poet Robert Southey has called the books as our true friends and never leaving our hand in our worst times. The book plays a vital role in a person’s life as it creates a revolutionary impact on one’s mind. A person can read book as when he gets time as per his own convenience. Usually, people read books most during travelling, in their free time, mid night if they don’t get sleep.

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The books are written by well educated, well experienced and successful personalities. They used to show their own ways by which they have achieved such a level of success in their own box. With the help of this, we can cultivate their mostly non-failing techniques to achieve our own goals. Books keeps us updated with the world in every aspect. The books entertain, inform, enlighten, motivate and gives knowledge to us. Unlike colleagues and peers they never betray us.

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One of the well known book, Rigveda has a lot for us to learn and understand even after 3000 years. Also the holy book like Ramayana are such books that teach us the ways to live our life in a most unique way compared to other human beings. It is said that Ramayana and Shrimad Bhagvat Geeta, are such books that consist each and every answer of all the questions of human beings. It teaches us how to live our life and be useful to others. The purpose of life is not only determinated to ourselves but also others who are helpless must get some benefit out of our privilege.

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Books help us by providing knowledge of our interested area and widens the frontiers of our thinking. One must select the book that helps him to generate more energy within or gives a sort of refreshment to him as well as his mind. The selection of the book depends on the liking and dislikes of a person and his interest area. The seed of reading should be sown in children well in their childhood so that it enters their sub-conscious mind and becomes a day to day habit for them when they grow up. So it becomes a part of responsibility of the parents to inculcate habit of reading in their child. But along with this, proper selection of book is also the most important because wrong book leads to wrong thought and a wrong thought leads to wrong action.

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One must treat them as a window to the world which gives us the right glimpse of life. The students and many other people use such statements like they do not have time to read books. This only means that, they are so busy driving their vehicle that do not even have time to fill fuel. Reading works as a fuel in our life as it teaches us innumerable things and frames our life and gives finished personality to the world.

[quote bcolor=”#fc0f0f” arrow=”yes”]Books are such tool to improve human life which are especially for the human being, of the human being and by the human being.[/quote]




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