Blogs- New Destination of the companies to search for an employee

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In this technology world many companies search for an employee to select for designation of various posts available, in this selection process they uses blogs to search for any candidate. After hearing this you will think it’s its fake, but it’s true. Different companies use this new trends to keep an eye on such candidates suitable for the post for which they are searching. In blogging, users share their views about current affairs or their area of interest. Based on these skills companies hire new employees as they read the blogs and understand how he/she is openly keeping his/her point in that blog and also the communication skills in that person is seen.


Blogging will also help you in building your career. Companies read your blog and they get to know how good you can write and even your thinking power on the topic of articles. Through this blog they check whether these candidates are best as per the requirements or not. After reading blogs of candidates they get the details of the candidates and then the interview process is carried on so the time is also not wasted. Most of the times blog will help you in getting a job which is best suitable with your area of interest.


While writing blog or updating keep some points in your mind. These points are discussed below. :-

  • As you update your profile also keep your blogs updated. Don’t write such articles or use such words which will give bad impact on you. (For e.g. don’t write blog who criticize others).
  • If you write blogs related to your job then keep all the news and updates related to it and post it in your blog with brief explanation. It will help firms to see your skills and knowledge related to that field.
  • Don’t write blogs on just one topic. Select different topic and write on it. It is not that you want job just for the particular filed so you won’t write on different matters going around. You should write on different topics so that your blogs also get updated and you will also get knowledge and it will be helpful to you in future. Give your point of view.

So guys what you think after reading this article. You want to write article or blogs. If you are also interested in writing and contribute to us than feel free to Contact Us. If you have any query related to this article then write in below comment section we will reply you within short time.




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