Babaji Ka Thullu – A bad slang word

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Babaji ka thullu doesn’t mean anything but it is the substitute of the bad word “Ghanta”. In India you cannot speak bad word so people try out different words to say to the people. There is one theme song as well which has been composed and its lyrics is
[quote font=”play” font_size=”15″ font_style=”italic” arrow=”yes”]“Babaji ka thullu …. Babaji ka thullu. Shana koi bhi ho bane yaha sab ullu… Babaji ka thullu” [/quote]
which means that anyone who comes to this show no matter how brilliant or smart he is he will become an owl.

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Imagine if you told a new word to someone or cracked a joke which goes viral. For e.g. Jo-Bhura, Jo-Baka etc. memes went viral which was just made for fun. Kapil Sharma uses “Babaji ka thullu” just for fun and to make others laugh. It may be he or anyone else who made this word which became popular throughout the world. Hats off to that guy who made this. “Babaji ka thullu” has become so popular that t-shirts, shirts, cap, watches etc. started selling online an in the market with its image on it and in a great demand.

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Comedy Nights with Kapil was started as the first entertainment show with standup comedian as Kapil Sharma. The first guest interviewed on this show was Dharmendra who is renowned Hindi film actor. He gave many super-duper hit films. Now this show has completed 100+ episodes. This show is popular not only in India but throughout the globe. Many people watch this shows and it is so wonderful that it makes everyone laugh with its jokes and pranks. There are many character other than Kapil Sharma in this show who helped in success of this show. Kapil sharma’s daadi who has her own step of dance which is worldwide famous, his bua who is unmarried and seduces every guest who comes on this show , his servant Raju who makes us laugh on his cracker and timing jokes, his wife with big lips, Palak and Gutthi who are the also the main character of the show who cracks shayari’s and PJ’s. And the one and only laughter master whose name we just left out is the retired cricketer, Punjab da puttar, chak de fatte – Navjot Singh Siddhu. He is famous with is on time shayari and he can crack it any time and to anyone.

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There are few words or slangs which got famous because of this show:
[quote font=”play” font_size=”15″ arrow=”yes”]• Kapil’s – “Babaji ka thullu’.
• Daadi’s – “ittu sa tha..”.
• Gutthi’s – “Palak-Gutthi…Gutthi- Palak”.
• Palak’s – “OoooooooooooO and shayari”.
• Pinky Bua’s – “kaun hai ye aadmi..?”

So you can mark how the journey of the great show has been a milestone as this show was just to make some episodes but with the greater response from the audience this show is still on air. If you have anything to share related to this article or you are a fan of Kapil’s Babaji ka thullu than do comment below your views and share this article so it could reach to all other fans.




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