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Amazing Facts to blow your Mind

Here are some amazing facts which will be helpful to know about the inventions or innovations of products. These facts also gives you knowledge about species of animals, birds etc. or some interesting facts which you don’t know. Have a look at these facts:

1. Rabbit and parrot can see backwards without turning their neck. Don’t try with yourself until and unless you are a rabbit or parrot.

2. Starfish is a type of fish who don’t have brain. You have it so don’t laugh.

3. Shark’s teeth are as strong as steel. Your teeth can be too if you use Colgate.

4. The first animal to go on space was dog whose name was laika. She was sent to space in 1957 by USSR space shuttle. But because of lack of oxygen she died in the space.

5. Rabbit can run 44 miles/hr.

6. India has large number of Post Offices across the world.

7. Indian railway is the only service in the world which gives high number of employment.

8. Albatross is a type of bird which can fly throughout the day without even stopping anywhere or taking any rest.

9. Teeth was cleaned by the people many decades back but what we use know is the tooth brush which was invented in 1938. Around 3000 yrs before people used to use the branches of the tree to clean their teeth.

10. 3.85 million Years ago the environment started to build on Earth by formation of 2 gases oxygen and nitrogen. After the oxygen and nitrogen came the species started to grow. Below is the look of early earth at the time of formation.

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