After Kiran Bedi, ilmi, binny its time for Obama to turn into BJP

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Bhartiya Janta Party (B.J.P) has become the largest party in terms of members. They have started a toll free number to which just a miss call is enough to be a member of BJP. Many members have joined BJP as the party’s mission and vision is to change and develop the system and country. They want to change the face of India globally.

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Few days before one of India Against Corruption activists and a former IPS officer Kiran Bedi joined BJP. She gave a missed call to the toll free number and became the member of BJP. Then later she met Amit shah president of BJP and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. She joined BJP ahead of Delhi Assembly election and she is going to contest the election. The rumours are out that she is likely to contest against Arvind Kejriwal and she is can be one of the candidate of Delhi CM.

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Later, after Kiran Bedi one of the member of AAP, Shazia ilmi who is also a social activists and was a TV anchor also joined the bJP. She told that she will not contest the poll but yet the decisions are not made clearly. She met Amit shah, BJP’s secretary and Delhi BJP president Satish Updhyay.

Amit shah is the only man behind the change in BJP and declining of other parties. He took initiative of many constituencies in the election and the BJP was rewarded. He is the master mind behind this all. Barack Obama is likely to visit India on 26th January’2014 on the occasion of Republic day as a chief guest. Obama was invited by the Indian PM Narendra Modi. The invitation was accepted by USA president Obama. There are various security issues going on as per the terror attack which can happen.

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Amit shah changed the face of BJP. Now one of renowned actor jaya prada is also likely to join BJP. Vinod Kumar Binny a former AAP member also joined BJP. So if Amit shah still remains in Delhi till the USA president Barack Obama arrives he may convince Obama to join BJP and the rest is future. You can imagine what if Obama joins BJP? Would there be any terror attack from the side of Pakistan. USA has warned the Pakistan that while the visiting of president Obama to India if any crossfire near border are takes place and if any link found involvement of Pakistan then severe action would be taken. The most wanted criminal Daud Ibrahim who is hiding in Karachi as per the sources will also be beheaded same as a Bin laden. Obama have capability to change the India and think where India would go. USA would be no more a world’s powerful country and the India’s economy, growth rate etc. would go at a high level. But this is just a dream which will not happen true. I just wanted to conclude that Amit shah is the person who have capability and leadership quality to act as a leader and perform the task and change the mind of people.

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Narendra Modi brought up the economy and India is likely to be the 2nd largest economy in the world overtaking china as per the World Bank. It has now overtaken Japan and is on 3rd. US and China are on top. So help the Make in India campaign led by government so as to increase our economy and develop India.
Hope you liked the article. Do give your response of this article below. Wait for the next article till then you can think of the Obama’s joining BJP and comment below the possibilities and what all could happen.




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