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This party was formed on 26th November’2012   after nation-wide campaign forming “India Against Corruption” supporting the anti-corruption leaders such as Prashant Bhushan and Shanti Bhushan. This party was registered as political party in March’2013 by Election commission of India.

Arvind kejriwal leader of “AAP” has made the whole India and the other political parties silent after winning higher number of votes in “Delhi Assembly Election’2014” after BJP and then taking “not unconditional” support from Indian National Congress for forming the government in Delhi.

AAP used the isuues such as corruption, price hike in electricity bills, water supply etc. to win the election and it became successful in doing so and after forming the government in Delhi they also completed the promise given by them of reducing price in electricity bills and giving free water to the people. The party is working well in Delhi and they are first trying to remove corruption in Delhi by kicking out the corrupted leaders. This party has exposed the ugly and greedy face of our politicians.

When we move out to history of Arvind kejriwal he was a student of IIT kharagpur, after pursuing engineering worked he worked in Tata steel for some years and then after clearing Civil Service Examination he joined as a Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and then he resigned and joined the social activists Anna Hazare.

These are the details of Pol khols done by AAP:-

  • कपिल सिब्बल, अमित सिब्बल, चिदंबरम और वाहनवती की वोडाफ़ोन गाथा!
  • Why are Water Bills Skyrocketing in Delhi
  • Why power and water tariffs in Delhi should be much lower than what they are.
  • Is Modi Government Adani’s Dukaan
  • Is Government encouraging hawala?
  • Kya Congress Mukesh Ambani ki dukaan hai?
  • Is BJP in opposition? Or are BJP leaders in bed with ruling parties?
  • Press release on Robert Vadra – 9th October

He became the second young CM of Delhi and there are many such young leaders in his party too who are young. This party wants such political leaders who don’t have any criminal  background and want them to work as corruption free and this parties aim is now to make the India corruption free so they are now busy in “General Election’2014” which is going to held across the country on 300 seats. This party has a big opponent as Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi as the other candidate of PM. BJP and Congress are the old parties and they should now fear from this party as they showed an un-beliveable win in Delhi and now opting throughout other states in India.

Best Of Luck to this party as well for “General Election’2014” and hope they also perform well without corruption and not like other parties who keeps on promises. Lets see what happens as this party has been now favourite amongst the public after gaining public support and they should prove it. The public now wants a Corruption free India which is not possible completely but this party has power to do so.





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