2014 Elections – A Defining moment for India

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                Now it’s election fever. Loksabha elections are on and everyone is busy in elections. Everywhere around the India much talk is going on of Election which government to be formed and who will be the next prime minister of India. Advertisement in newspapers, messages, social media, TV etc. are such irritating because every now and then there is advertisement of these political leaders. It’s like whenever elections come they come to people and give fake faith that they will do this and that but not of concern because people of India know that it happens always so let’s ignore.

                Now coming to the manifesto of the parties on the basis of which the government would be decided by the public so it’s that no any party said that it would control the hike of price in all the daily items which are the needs of people or they will fulfill the basic needs of the people. So you people before going to election read on the details of the candidate who is standing nearby your area and if you don’t know who the candidate is from your district than click here and type the pin code of your area get the details of candidate.

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PM candidate

There is NaMo wave, RaGa wave and even Arvind kejriwal in the list as they are the leading candidates of leading parties. They are in the race of PM of India and there are many more besides these there are many leaders who want to become PM.

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If you are the citizen of India and your age is 18+ then you should go to vote nearby area where you live and where you stay as the address on the election card. Vote and select the best candidate which can serve the basic things which are required by the people of your area. If you don’t vote then you have no rights to tell that we don’t get the facilities and all. And if you don’t get any deserving candidate then you also have Right to Reject by pressing None of the above. Good decision made by the government to bring such things. So, vote and change the system.

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So, let’s meet after the elections and results of it with again a good article on politics but till then don’t forget to read other articles which will be posted. The results are to be declared on 16th of May. And again one appeal don’t forget to vote.

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