10 deals between India and China

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China’s president Xi Jingping came to India for 3-day visit to discuss various economic, border, business and other development issues. He came to India on Friday when Narendra Modi was to celebrate his birthday. He went to Ahmedabad. He sight seen certain places and talked about various issues. He had certain time near Sabarmati river front then he headed to Sabarmati ashram and then sat on Jhoola with NaMo. Modi tried to make personal chemistry there as they met at the regional level.

Narendra Modi told Xi Jingping to stop the firing and crossing of border by the Chinese soldiers. He told that until the issues of borders are not solved the meeting or friendship for business or development would not move on.

Xi Jingping discussed about economic development, infrastructure development, investment, territorial issues etc. China came here to make the India-China friendship more strong. According to china Narendra Modi is capable to develop India. China has invested 169 million dollar so far but as per the statistics they never gave (between 2007 to 2013). It was only on paper but no such investment happened. What would China have to say on this investment? Now again China are investing 20$ million in India for next five years.

Following deals were made between China and India:-

1. Mumbai – sister city:

Mumbai and Shanghai will be called as sister city as the duo signed for the development of Mumbai as Shanghai. The Chinese will develop Mumbai as Shanghai in terms of infrastructure, employment, economic etc.

2. Strong relationship:

India-china built strong relationship by negotiating 16 business points. They wanted to built relationship making business development strong.

3. Fast Train:

China will help Indian Railway to be developed and increase the speed of the trains. It will also help in building new infrastructure for trains and making train journey safe, secure and fast.

4. Tourism:

They have declared 2015 as Visit India Year and 2016 as Visit China Year. These helped to develop and make tourism much powerful.

5. Invitation:

China’s president invited Narendra Modi to tour China. Narendra Modi accepted the invitation and most probably the visit will be in the starting of next year.

6. Investment:

China is going to invest 20$ million for next 5 years. In last 14 yrs China has only invested 40Cr. Dollar in India.

7. Pilgrim:

New routes to Mansarovar pilgrim will be opened which will be safe, short and easy. This route will start form Sikkim’s nathulla city.

8. Nuclear:

China will help building nuclear energy safely and give idea to make new energy. They will discuss sent scientist to have a talk and deal about the new nuclear plant.

9. Market:

China opened its gate for Indian company to sell Indian products in its market. These relationship made Indian products to be hit in Chinese markets as the Chinese products are very famous in Indian market.

10. Globalization:

China gave promise to support India in SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

These were the 10 main points or deals which were negotiated between India – China. Now let’s see what happens.




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