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Women Security is the issue of whole world and even India is a part of it facing same problem. Women now-a-days feel insecure when they are at home, walking on street, in school and even at work place. They don’t have any place where they can live safely. Now-a-days whenever we read newspaper or see news the one thing in common is rape with girl or harassing girls. The girl’s age starts from 3 yrs onwards who the victim is. The men don’t feel ashamed doing such things. Men are only responsible for this all. Men say that the girl’s dressing makes them for doing such things, but why can’t you control your mind. The person who gives such answers should understand that if his daughter would face such thing what will you do?.

According to the current statistics of India, after every 22 minutes a rape case is been reported and there are more than 90,000 such cases which are still pending. The women of India want the government to set the fast track court for all these pending reports. Even some of the woman’s don’t report the file for rape as they think it will be let down for their parents in the society.So there will be many such cases which are off the track.

Women can do it

The parents are now tense about their daughters because of such incidents. they are always in touch of them as they should be safe. The government is also just sleeping and not taking strict action against the culprit. Most of the culprits have the political links so they can close the report but when will the men understand that girls are the future. if they do such thing then people will think of giving birth to girl child because they need to face such problems.

I have my personal experience about it as, when i travel in local trains the men are talking abusive about girls, teasing them,stare at them  etc. when i observe such thing it feels very much bad to me as i have always heard that India is the only nation where girls are treated as god then where did that culture gone? And even some girls are also the culprit as they cheat their parents and go to the late night disco and pubs telling lie and then such cases would happen.So they also need to be careful.

So the question of all the people for women security, the answer lies with them. I think through this article the people’s mind could be changed so i have written it. It would be great pleasure for me if any person’s mind would be changed by reading this article.

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