Why every Indian should shame on this Independence Day?

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Happy Independence Day to everyone. Its India’s 68th Independence Day after British Govt. left India. On 15th august 1947 India got independent because of the sacrifice and leadership of many great people who are now just a history. They are studied in history in school days and then they are forgotten. I cannot fit all their names in one article as they are countless. Bhagat Singh, Subhash ChandaraBose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mahatma Gandhi, and Dr. Ambedkar Etc. there are countless names who took part for the freedom from all over India but I think these generation has forgotten all their teachings. What they did for this independent India was a remarkable thing which I don’t think anyone can even achieve and that’s my challenge.

Everywhere celebrations of Independence Day is going on. Flags are hosted and salute to the flag is given. Our new PM Narendra Modi also gave an awesome speech at Red Fort. He didn’t prepared any notes but he just had bullet points and elaborated it. He considered various points in his speech but the main point which he took every now and then was about rape. There would be no single day when there is no news of rape. Some people complaint but some don’t so you can understand how the percentage of rape is rising day by day. Modi took the point of women security and to build toilets in every schools and villages. But where are “Ache Din”.

Today many Indian flags were sold as paper , plastic and batch as well. I noticed one terrible thing about the Indian flag after the ceremony of flag hosting. People just threw national flag here and there and don’t care about it anymore. They just care about flag before and after ceremony and big leaders give big speeches about our flags but people just listen to them and forget it. It’s just like joke to them. Why is that?.

Politicians only show up during festivals otherwise their photo are always on seen on buildings as a big hoardings or posters for marketing. They distribute flags for free as they are distributing money.  Is it good to distribute flags if people don’t care?. They give it to all the people and not just one but plenty. People stick it on their cars, bikes, rickshaw and when they drive it is blown away because of wind and then no one picks it up. Is this good idea to stick flags on vehicles?. We have collected such flags which were thrown by people or blown from vehicles as you can see in below attached image. Can we reuse them? Yes, but no one will. Why? because no one cares. Am I true or not. Our Indian flag is only remembered for 2 days i.e Republic Day and Independence Day then there is no one who would even see it. There should be any law for the respect of Indian flags. Government should take any action.


So guys collect all the flags if you find it on roadside and keep it aside or reuse it if you can. Show Respect for our Indian flag. What do you think about it?. Please share your view with me on this article. Share this article on social networks so that every Indian should come to know.

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