What if your mind don’t work as fast as it used to be?

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Is your brain not working fast as it used to be?

Is your mind not working as it used to be?

Do you think negative?

Have you lost self-confidence?


Negativity is like a tunnel. As much you go deep inside, the darkness comes more and more and it is difficult to come out of it. And everyone says that there is a light at the end of tunnel. It depends on you that how you make difference and see the tunnel as a deep with no end or as an end at certain point.

Here are some points which will test whether your mind is thinking negative or not. Give 1 points if it is yes else 0 points for no.

  1. There is nothing as “failure is the first step to success” as whenever I try to get back it kicks me back to zero.
  2. I can’t trust anyone as I trusted many people but they all hurted me. Even I don’t trust on myself.
  3. People don’t understand me. I don’t know how to explain them that I’m trust worthy.
  4. Life is tough and full of stress. I should quit or run far away.
  5. I am just leaving it for others and not for myself.
  6. I am not perfect. Everyone else is better than me but not I’m.
  7. All are making fun of me. They don’t believe me. I cannot be the part of the group any more.


If you score more than 4 points than your mind has been trapped into negativity. It will destroy your brain cells and productivity and positivity. It will directly affect your performance and will lead to stress and mentally dis order.


In order to remove to negativity, try to think positive as much as you can. If you have mobile or laptop keep the wallpaper as some positive quotes or thoughts of great thinker or leader as you see such things now and then and so it will create some positivity in thinking. If you like music then hear some good songs which change minds and let to think positive. Do things which you like so and keep yourself busy so no negativity take place in your mind.

Come out of negativity. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Here we can consider tunnel as negativity. Come out of it immediately because there is smile and happy waiting for you which you deserve.

For any further assistance on this topic or any questions do comment below and also comment the score which you calculated.

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