Top 10 websites for not wasting time

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  1. :-

You can watch here thousands of videos related to history, mathematics, chemistry or computer science which will help you in study

2. :-

It’s a bog/site where you will get great learning for life skills and good insights.

3. :-

It’s an educational site which works with other educational institute to get their courses on internet. You can get many stuffs related to study and it’s for free.

4. :-

It’s a collection of browser-based games which you can play and you can also get knowledge of geography, science or math’s based games.

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5. :-

Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) contains many talks of addressable speaker. These speaker addresses have talks on many topics and they share their stories. These stories are short i.e. < 18 minutes. They are very useful and are real stories which they share with us. Nice to watch these videos.

6. :-

This site contains important stuffs related to life which you can learn. It contains tips and tricks for improving all areas of life. Learn to hack life.

7. :-

This site contains all the stuff of “how-to”. It contains very useful information on how to do anything which you want.

8. :-

It contains various stuffs for Latest news, technology, entertainment, politics etc. It’s a nice site for such stuffs and lot more.

9. :-

This site contains articles related to businesses, technology, new innovations, new startups and creativity. A good site for those who are new to markets and looking something innovative and what to know more about the markets.

10. :-

You will find articles related to new entrepreneurs, various innovations, startups, strategies etc. It’s an amazing website everyone must watch.

So, these are above top 10 best website and there are lot more. If you have any more to add in this than comment the name of website and its short detail at below comment box. And do share this article so that everyone should know these site, so without wasting their time on internet they can have a look on these sites and learn some business ideas or get knowledge. You should also return here back so that you can read more such articles here.

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