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            In USA there has been an annual ranking of jobs to analyze some of the most important choices job seekers encounter while choosing their career and to provide the context of how jobs within the same industry compare. Even when the students are selecting their career for studying further after their SSC, HSC or bachelors they select on the basis of the jobs how they get and what salary they would get when they complete their study. So jobs even matters in selecting the career path. In India, there are many students who choose their career depending on the jobs which are good and which pay high so below is the list of 10 best jobs in 2014 which will pay you high. These are rated out of 10 points. Every year health care or any other job related to it ranks high but these year it’s technology which is at top and it’s software engineer job in technology which is on high demand and will pay you more so the students studying related to the technology and software and will pass out these year will get a good job with high salary and there are many more jobs besides technology who will get higher pay out.

Why technology has been on top and where the construction, heath care etc. jobs is and what’s going on in the dentist and other related jobs? Read it on:-


1) Software Developer :- (8.4 out of 10)

These are the developers who make software for android devices, window’s, iPhone etc. They are the professional developer and the brain behind candy crush, subway surfers etc. They might be application developer who design computer s/w, applications, games, databases etc. or they could be system focused designer who are responsible for building operating system. Growth for both type of IT professionals will increase and as per statistics there would be 1, 40,000 new jobs by 2022.



2)  Computer System Analyst :- (8.2 out of 10)

To be good in this job you must be both growth focused and process-oriented. Computer System analyst must understand computer h/w, s/w, network and how they work together so that they can make recommendations of the best Operating system. 24.5% employment growth will be happening by 2022.


3)      Dentist :- (8.2 out of 10)

As Dr. Seuss once wrote, “Teeth are always in style”. Dentists think it so. They make their living by treating and diagnosing our teeth and gums, and counselling us on how to maintain good oral health. 23,000 new jobs are to be included.




4)      Nurse Practitioner :- (8.1 out of 10)

It’s a nurse practitioner’s array of capabilities, coupled with the fact that they can work independently of physicians when treating with the patients which is a good job as Health Care.





5)      Pharmacist :- (8.1 out of 10)

Pharmacist mix technical, organization and people skills in a customer service environment. Each day there are many pharmacist who give advices to patient about the medicines at hospitals or at retail chain.




6)      Registered Nurse (8.0 out 10)

Nursing is an indispensable profession in health care where workers are almost always needed and they should be active and experienced enough to hold on the cases.




Physical Therapist

7)      Physical  Therapist (7.9 out of 10)

A physical therapist is the one who helps the patient to regain the paralytic mobility or a cancer survivor to regain his health and strength.






8)      Physician (7.8 out of 10)

Physicians are very much important to the people all over the world as there are many cases of accidents, disease, bad health etc. it’s their responsibility to treat the patients and instruct on proper diet, hygiene and disease prevention.



9)      Web developer (7.8 out of 10)

Web Developers are responsible for the developing of the cool designer websites which has a good user interface and are very much important in almost every field as they can show their business online and the user or visitor can view it from any part of the world.




10)  Dental hygienist (7.7 out of 10s)

The dental hygienist educate the patients on the oral hygiene. They also say the patients and the people to clean the teeth twice a day to keep the teeth in effective of diseases and keep them strong. They make yearly salaries $70,700 but most of do part time as well.


So, all jobs are not equal. In fact some of them are simply better than the rest. These jobs offer a good employment opportunity, salary and a manageable work life with job security. Actually as per the statistics the best jobs of these year were technology and health care but besides these there are even many more jobs which are not in best 10 jobs but are best in their field like construction, social services, business sectors etc. So don’t be hesitate in choosing the jobs and select the jobs on the basis of the skill you have and not on the basis of salary because if you show good skills and creativity in the job you like you will definitely get the good money. Best of Luck for your career and a good future. If you want to give any feedback related to these article or share your views then write in below comment box and don’t forget to share and like these page so that more and more people can read these article and select their deserving jobs and can have a great future.




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