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The people on all Social Media websites as well as journalists of most famous news channels or newspapers are finding who was that anonymous hacker who hacked iCloud and released nude images of all the famous celebrities. People became very curious about it and they are trying to figure out this puzzle.

The people in the underground forums tracked down the person believing that he was behind this big leak. The person was interrogated by people and he gave shocking reply to people that it was iCloud behind all these.

Thousands of people commented online on social media websites about the security threat to world’s largest tech giant company Apple. The Apple’s iCloud service was believed most simple and best for backup of device data in compared to other cloud services. The hack was done at high time because apple was going to launch iPhone 6 on 9th September 2014 which is few days from now and they were also going to introduce some new features of iCloud. But this hack have made them anxious about their service.

The guy who hacked is known by the screenname : “OriginalGuy”. Some people claimed that a “brute force” hack was done. and some think that Wi-Fi at Emmy Awards was manipulated. But the truth was far more stunning: The  hacker was collecting all those images gradually over long time by keeping in mind to post them online.

iCloud Hacking Community

The team of hackers who host large amount of pornography online also known as iCloud hacking ring also post naked images of women by breaking into their iCloud accounts. The /stol/ board  (short for “Stolen” or “Obtained Photos”) on AnonIB work as the global meeting hub for iCloud hackers. These hackers are able to access iCloud accounts using only email address by using special password cracking tools and guessing security questions through Apple’s iForgot password reset form. The ‘Original Guy’ regularly posted to AnonIB and 4chan sites. He used to collect all the nude images of celebrities and post them on sites which get very high number of page views.

The Final thing

After ‘Original Guy’ deleted all the images the nude images collectors and traders industry declared closing. The hackers also believe that their manipulations and exploitation will not be taken into account. Apple will change it’s iForgot reset system completely. The “Original Guy” never came back to leak more of his collections online after knowing his posts have been very popular in underground forums but AnonIB website remains online and hackers still continue to advertise their skills to hack nude images of women.


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