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Some awkward laws throughout the world

Law and order provides peace to the people. They provide security and help people live in peace and fearless. Law and order are meant for equality among all the people and there is no biasness amongst it.


There are some laws throughout the world in some countries which if you hear will feel awkward and weird and think such laws can also exist: –

  1. In London, if any person is suffering from plague disease than he/she cannot travel in horse-cart (i.e. Ghoda gaddi).
  2. In Alabama City, driving while closing your eyes is a crime and will charge you heavily.
  3. Liverpool a city in England have a law in which until a women don’t sell fishes she cannot wear topless dress.
  4. In San Salvador if a person is caught drinking and driving then he/she may be sentenced to death penalty only.
  5. In Arkansans city if a person found using city’s name in wrong means then he/she may be fined.
  6. In Luciana city, if any person don’t have hair in middle of their head and they go for haircut then they just have to pay 25cents. If they pay more and if found than it is considered as crime and they may be charged.
  7. In Indonesia, if you are attracted towards someone then it is considered as an offence.
  8. In Britain, a death fish is considered to be king and queen’s wealth.


These were some awkward laws which no one has ever heard of. If you have more to add on then write in below comment section

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