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Jesus entering Jerusalem.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is the day that comes before Easter Sunday . Celebrated all over Europe and all Christian Nations , Palm Sunday is Described as a Day when Jesus entered into Jerusalem “The Holy City” . When he was Entering his entrance was showered with leaves of Palm. Thus the Name though was defined . As Shown in the Image below , people would lay down Palm Leave trees for the Messiah.


In Ancient Times Palm Branched Symbolized Goodness  and Victory and were also depicted

on coinage and buildings during olden era’s. 

Palm Sunday is also Referred to as the “Entry of the Lord ” in many Orthodox verses. The whole week after jesus entered the Great City was called as the “Holy Week”. However in today’s times we do not celebrate the whole week, we only celebrate the Important Events which are Palm Sunday , Good Friday and Easter.

Good Friday is the day when the Christ was Crucified , and Easter represents the Day when he was resurrected. More Details will be posted in Further Posts.

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