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“Narendra Modi”: The name is enough!!! . He has changed the map of Gujarat by the developing the cities, rural and urban areas. He made Gujarat a vibrant Gujarat. He developed Gujarat in all sectors which led his success and now whole India wants the change. NaMo is favourite for all ages like youth, old and even business sector as well as he brought many new projects in Gujarat which led its development in employment. After announcing the PM candidate from BJP he addressed many rally and had given many speeches. Now he is favourite among all the states. After the results of election in Delhi, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh we can see the Modi effect. Not only in India but throughout the world his effect is increasing day by day as he has given speech in Uk and other parts of world in the schools and colleagues through video conferences and physically.


According to internal poll conducted by the students of Shri Ram College of Commerce Delhi University they want Namo as the speaker and he was elected as well and he was the one to reply first for it among the other speakers. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra modi’s popularity is soaring through the roof in capital. It’s the youngster who wants hear him out at SRCC. They voted them and elected as best speaker in the conclave this year with Ratan Tata closes to second.

He addressed many rallies such as “Hunkar bharo” in Patna, Trichy, Jagdalpur and even speeches at Business award of India etc and addressed big rally at Mumbai and  “Vijay Sankalp” rally at Goa as well. Now he is busy in General Election’14 and he is called everywhere to address and promote the BJP. He is the star of the BJP and even he is the future of whole country as everyone believes that just is the only person who can change the current India’s economic condition as well as other problems as he has the power and ability to do so. Now the big problem is such that first there were 2 parties BJP and Congress but now AAP came and shown their cameo in Delhi so now they need to be alert from them and now we gonna see the Political critics and see what happens. Best of luck to Namo as and he has the blessings of whole country so he should show them his power and change the future of India.

The best line from public which we can hear is: “Desh ka neta kesa ho… Narendra Modi jesa ho…. !!!”

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