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Top 10 best college to study in Rajkot


Rajkot is one of the smart city of Gujarat and now it is developing its identity in an educational field also. As all Rajkotians are cunning, notorious, fun lovers etc. that much they are capable of shining them self in front of all through education. Education not only gives one’s ...

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Bullet Train – Mumbai to Ahmedabad

Bullet Train - Mum to Ahm

Two major cities Mumbai and Ahmedabad will connect by a special superfast train i.e. Bullet train, to solve many problems like huge land and building tunnels for people and cattle, the estimation of the project is about 10,000 Cr INR. This train will be run on an elevated corridor means ...

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Philadelphia the largest City in the Commonwealth

Philadelphia - Webpothi

Philadelphia is the biggest town in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It’s the fifth-most-crowded city in the United States as well. It’s also the center of the sixth-biggest metropolitan area in the country. Philadelphia is placed in the Northeastern United States at the flowing together of the Delaware and Schuylkill rivers. ...

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Lost in Space?

Lost in Space

People spend their holidays at various spots with their families, friends and other members. They enjoy with all of them at these spots and keep themselves cool and work free. There is a similar story of one of the family of Dr. Cooper about some incident which took place with ...

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Top 8 places to visit on the Moon


People visits many places when they are at their vacation or honeymoon or a short tour. Some places are such remarkable that you like to visit now and then and you cannot just forget all your feelings about that tour. So if you are onto a trip and you get ...

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How to create the Universe?


You would have heard about the universe that when it was created and when human origins came into existence on this Universe. Now if you wish that you want to make your own Universe than follow below 5 steps. After reading these below points you will start making your own ...

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