Life of a Student in College

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[quote arrow=”yes” color=”red”]“There is a time and a place for everything, and it’s called college”
-Bill Cobsy[/quote]

College – A place to learn, a space to grow where you can show your talent and your ability which will be forecasted to all students. College is your best time of your life. I believe that students can learn things, and sometimes even more beneficial things in college than school. The need for the college education is even more important now than it was before, but I think that the increase costs are a very severe obstacle to access.

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Students leave high school and join college to specialize in the subject which they are interested in. Initially most of the students cannot decide which course they want to pursue. Their goals are not defined beforehand. They pursue course on the basis of the family, friends or other surrounding people who guides them. Some student study college for the sake of degree, parents wish, time pass etc. Well the college life is most of excitement and fun. Student also have to work really hard to complete their courses.

College life for a student has numerous experiences. Some student may have bitter experience and some may have a blasting one. Freshers will never forget their initial days of the college or they will have to forget what had happened. Ragging could have been the reason who may go to depressed state but as now it’s a crime. Though some students may have gone through this stages. Students would have made friends and introduced themselves to the old one. Some student may have been from various places to study at college so they may have met a good roommate who are unforgettable.

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College’s timing is different as compared to school. Students can go to lectures or bunk it, no one is going to tell them. They have to build their maturity level. They can join various committees, organizations and can be a part of it. College is the second step towards success. As student step forward from school to college it isn’t much easy for them. They will face many problems but the one who get through all these can attain success in life. Hanging out, workload, playing games, participating in various events and many more things you do through entire college life. Students become open minded and try to think about their future. Finally the students

There are many people who studied and got successful in their life by executing their goals and are now leading the world. Going to college is much as finding yourself who you are as you may get the degree relevant to your subject which attracts you the most.




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